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The quotes on this page are those of Allan Beveridge. Many of them have been posted in Facebook, both on his personal page as well as the page for The Twin Powers group. through The Twin Powers Twitter account. A number of them are also related to or taken from topics he's written about. When a quote is related to an article both it's title and a link to it are provided at the end of the quote. You are free to share or use these quotes so long as you cite the author (Allan Beveridge). 

NOTE: A "*" in front of an essay title at the end of a quote means that the essay is member content.

Last updated December 29, 2016


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"A belief is not just a thought in our head, it is a director of our perception and choices" ~ Exercise 1: What Do I Believe?


"A hurried choice is rarely a good one." ~All Sales Are Final: The Anatomy of Choice



"Adults tend to expect children to understand what they are saying or trying to say even when they lack the mind and therefore the language to actually understand what was being said. Children are sponges and everything they take in affects how their mind develops in one manner or another. This does not mean they are capable of evaluating and understanding them. What they need more than anything is clarity and less ambiguity as this helps them to build their minds with less conflicting beliefs and ideas." ~The Guiding Hand


"Allow what is in your lives to be without letting yourself be defined by those experiences" ~The Gift of Life


"All thoughts are actions and have consequences - be mindful of them."


"Always remember that the mind cannot tell the different between reality and our imaginings"


"Answers to many of our challenges can only be found by turning our attention inward" ~ Looking Within 


"An active awareness is not one that is not solely engaged in the process of reacting to experiences." ~ Active Awareness


"As we grow one of the most wonderful things that happens is that we see more beauty every single day"


"Awareness is the ability to react to a stimulus. It is not our perception of it." ~Awareness and Consciousness



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"Being concerned with what others think of us shows we are not happy with ourselves"


"Being of service to others is a powerful elixer - drink deep of it" ~ Everyone Matters


"Being willing to admit mistakes and learn from this is a big part of the path to wisdom"



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"Caring, love and compassion cannot be conditional"


"Chill out and relax more. We take lives way to seriously - don't own it, live it! ~ What The Gods Made For Play


"Clearing our energy field is like giving our aura a bath - we should do it regularly" ~ Taking Ownership Over Our Energy


"Closing yourself off from the pain you feel only locks you in with it" 


"Criticism is easy. Challenge your to say something that will lift them up instead." 



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"Deeper truths cannot be found by research, they have to be "realized". We must prepare ourselves to be open to them."


"Defining things is helpful, becoming attached to our definitions is not"


"Discard judgments, slip into the moment - a sweet surrender to bliss"


"Do what you can, for whomever you can, whenever you can."


"Don't dwell on your "mistakes". Take responsibility for them, ponder your thoughts and choices, learn and let it go."   


"Don't judge others for what they are doing or going through is just what they need to grow" 


"Don't worry about finding you path ... there is no set path. We create it as we go." ~Finding Your Path 



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"Energy follows attention. Where are you putting yours?"


"Every time we lie and little piece of our tranquility dies." ~Honesty


"Every vibration that exists sings a song..."


"'Evil' is greatly misunderstood, for without forces in opposition nothing is created" ~ And What Of Evil 



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"Few acts have the timeless majesty of selfless kindness and compassion - or the power"


"For growth, honesty is best measured by awareness of our truths and not against some absolute one." 



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"Getting angry at someone shows one person has a lesson to learn and the other person may have one as well."


"Getting past the illusions of mind takes time, after all, it took years to create them" 



"Good is subjective and has no meaning in isolation." ~And What of Evil?


"Greater awareness is not a trinket to be found, it is a gem to be polished" 


"Growth is not an option, the option is choosing to do so consciously"


"Gossiping (verb): the act of talking about others to avoid looking at ourselves"



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"Hallowed ground is where ever unconditional love is found"


"How we receive a gift is every bit as important as how we give one."


"Hurrying through life may seem productive, but it isn't much better than sleeping through it."




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"I am not yet I am ... a leaf on the tree ... and the forest itself" ~ Yet I Am Not


"If doing something wrong helps us get it right how can it be wrong?" ~Is That Right?


"If everything is the same nothing is created" ~ A Consideration of Opposites


"If we are not living "in the now" our past is making our choices for us" 


"If we give for the purpose of getting we are not giving, we are buying"


"If we think we are better than anyone else we have much to learn" ~ Everyone Matters


"If you are struggling with caring for another who is suffering try to see it as a privilege and and honour and not a burden"


"If you want to be free do not let others define you else their words will confine you"


"If you feel strongly about something do something about it or let it go, whining about it does nothing"


"If answers to your questions don't lead to more questions ask better questions"


"In your quest leave no stone unturned, in fact some may need to be turned many times" 


"It can be hard to do the right thing. Do it anyways."  


"It's our choices, not chance, that decide what we are conscious of" ~ Our Mental House Part 4: What We Are Conscious Of


"It's the reasons behind our choices and not the choices themselves that show our true character" ~All Sales Are Final: The Anatomy of Choice



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"Knowing is not a property of mind - it is one of consciousness" ~ Awakening Our Gifts Part 6: Seeing and Knowing



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"Life paths are not written in stone, they are determined by our choices" ~ Finding Your Path



Limitation is the secret of power. To concentrate your power ignore the irrelevant." ~Awareness Series Part 2: Developing Our Ability to Focus


"Living through our minds is like living in our house and never going outside"


"Love is not divisive, biased, directed or personal ... it is unifying and unconditional"



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"Many would rather be entertained than enlightened, they prefer the cage they know" 


"My mind is the only barrier between me and thee ... 'do' less and 'be' more" 



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"Need three simple words to live by? Be joyous, gracious and curious" ~ Three Words


"Never seek power directly, instead seek to develop the qualities that confer power - strength, wisdom and foresight"


"Never seek power directly, instead seek to develop the qualities that confer power - strength, wisdom and foresight"


"Next time you feel guilty or blame kick yourself instead. It's just as helpful, hurts less and is over faster."


"No one can make us angry, we choose to allow ourselves to get angry"~ Learning to Accept Responsibility


"No one is more valuable or important than anyone else - everyone matters" ~ Everyone Matters 


"None of us are who we were, few of us even know who we are now"


"Never believe anything to be 100% tgrue for we can always be mistaken and often are"



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"One of the best ways to get to "being" more and "doing" less is to shift our focus away from outcomes and towards what is going on right now. By this I mean we shift our focus away from thoughts about what we want and desire and how we can attain them and by examining our thoughts themselves. You may be inclined to think that in both these cases the mind is still seeking to control outcomes. Granted the difference is subtle, but there is a world of difference between them. Figuratively, one is living in our thoughts and looking out; the other is examining our thoughts, which is an act of looking in." ~ What The Gods Made For Play


"Only in stillness can we hear and dance to silences song..."


"Often the answers we seek can only be found within. We need to learn how to look and listen" ~ Automatic Writing: Writing from the Inside Out


"Our beliefs are one of the most influential factors in our ability to develop our awareness and ourselves" ~Awakening Our Gifts Part 5: The One and the All


"Our eyes are the windows to our soul and our dreams - windows to our mind" 


"Our fights with others are really fights with ourselves 



"Our inner self is not boisterous nor does it SHOUT - it whispers ..." ~ Whisper To Me


"Our life tell us all we need to know, we need to learn how it speaks and listen" ~ Listening to Our Lives


"Our mind experiences and reacts to moments, one after another ... "now" lies between them" ~ On Doing and Being


"Our mind is to our brain what a wind is to a sail"


“Our way past the illusion starts here. We need both honesty and responsibility for without them we have little hope of removing the shroud, for it was built from the lack of both of these. Just as one might leave a trail of crumbs in the forest to find their way home, we use the trail of emotional crumbs we have left behind to find our way back to ourselves. No matter how deep or dark that forest is, these crumbs remain. The forest we found ourselves in is the illusion we have created, and the crumbs we leave behind are our lower emotions.” ~What Is Going On?



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 "Pain can be a challenge but it is also a great teacher" ~ Releasing Pain


"Peace in our lives come from finding balance within ourselves"


People have the right to be ignorant, we have the right to ignore them"



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"Recipe for creativity: mix generous amounts of curiosity and imagination and ignite with passion"


"Reading lots of inspiration quotes is not nearly as helpful as picking one or two and living them" 


"Resist not evil. Why? Because it is our resistance that created it in the first place." ~ Is That Right?



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"Solutions often rely on patience, not the idle kind that leads to complacency but the active kind that waits for opportunity and seizes it"



"Some of the thoughts and feelings we experience are not our own." ~Energy Interactions


"Spirituality isn't a way to escape the chaos we see in the world, it is a way to find balance and harmony within it". 



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"The basis of consciousness is awareness plus memory" ~Awareness and Consciousness



"The "evil" that we see in the world is not thrust upon us, it rises from within us." ~And What of Evil?


"The general definition of ignorance is lack of knowledge, education, or awareness. This can be seen everywhere we look. Our ignorance has manifest into the various forms of discord and conflict we see in our world, in our countries, our neighbourhoods and our lives. Yet the world consists of individuals and hence what we see on all of those levels is truly the summation of the issues and conflicts within humankind, within that person staring back at us in the mirror." The Human Condition


"The mind sees endless moments, the soul ... moments that are endless" ~ Between Moments


"The power of mind grows far more by the junk we take out of it than the information we stuff in" 


"The way past the illusions of mind is not to defeat it, it is to better it"


"The world will change when more people are less afraid of their light than their darkness"


"There are laws of consciousness just as there are laws of physics and chemistry" ~A Consideration of Opposites


"There is a place where time is beside itself and we walk in between" ~ The I and the All


"There is splendour behind the illusion. It is unfortunate that it gets lost in the looking..."


"Train your mind to be flexible like a reusable canvas and not rigid like a hammer" 


"To be more "in the now" turn your needs into preferences" ~ Preference versus Need


"To conquer hate done use willpower or love, instead turn hate upon itself - hate hating" ~ And What Of Evil?


"To know ourselves we must learn to observe our thoughts rather than react to them." ~Automatic Writing: Writing from the Inside Out



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"Unless we are in the "now" free-will is mostly an illusion as our choices are very heavily conditioned by our past"



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 "We are all reactionaries, it's how we learn. Seeing beyond our reactions is how we grow." ~Changing Our Minds


"We are more intuitive when we reduce our reliance on thinking"


"We cannot build ourselves up by tearing others down"


"We change our conditions by illuminating our ignorance and removing the separation between us and ourselves" ~ The Human Condition


"We do not have to believe in magic ... to experience the magical"


"We do not need to think about reasons to be kind if instead of being loving we simply love"


"We do not see others as they are, we see them as we are..." ~ Don't You Know Me?


"We experience people as we believe them to be and not how they really are" ~ I See You Or Do I?


"We may lead or follow s a moment asks of us but we should not forget that we all walk together" 


"We need not look for opportunities to be of service to others. If our hearts and minds are open we find them everywhere" ~ Making A Difference


"We perceive things as we believe them to be, not as they "really are" - including time" ~I See You or Do I?


"We should be champions for rather than fighters against something."


"We should never assume we know the absolute Truth about anything for we can always be wrong"


"What lies between us and ourselves are the ghosts of our past" ~ Dealing With Strong Emotions Part 2


"When we notice "ripples in our pond" we are seeing our growth opportunities" ~ Ripples In My Pond


"When we want to grow the future is not our challenge, it is getting past our past"


"When you have the kind of powerful consciousness that we have even a little miss makes a mess"


"When you take time to help and care for another you've also done the same for yourself"


"When we place conditions or personal intent on acts of kindness we turn them into tasks"


"While habits can be convenient they are also a trap for the unwary" ~ The Folly of Familiarity


"Without intent and desire we can accomplish little, with both the sky's the limit" ~ Intent and Desire



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"You cannot buy happiness, you can only rent a temporary ego boost"


"You cannot buy honour or integrity save from those who have none." ~A Discussion of Ethics


"You cannot find wisdom in a book anymore than you can find peace in a bottle"



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