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While I realize the title of this page is somewhat of a cliche; however, it have chosen it because it also serves as a reminder that whatever path we take on our journey it is our path. No one can walk it for us. We must take full ownership over it. We can listen to and learn from others, we can even take advice along the way and walk with others, but the journey remains ours alone.

The title also contains the word start even though the fact is that if you are reading this it is highly doubtful you are just starting your journey of exploring your awareness and conciousness. What is the most likely true is you are starting your journey through the material on this website. There is a considerable amount of writing, over 1,300 pages, for you to read and consider. The content is not merely a bunch of random essays. The material is based on a consistent set of core concepts and definitions, which are found in this section, that are built upon through all the essays available. 

We all use different terminology and attach our own meaning to words.  My use of terminology may vary from what you are used to, enough to change the interpretation significantly, so I have provided a recommended reading order for the core material.  This is because the content provides a foundation for the essays that follow as well as for those found in the section called General Writings. This gives a consistent presentation of the ideas and reduces the possibility of mistaken impressions. This is not to suggest that you should give up or change your definitions; it is only so that you understand mine. I highly recommend you consider following the reading path, even though you may be familiar with many of the ideas and concepts. This will help ensure that you do not misinterpret what I have written due to differences in how we define terms and understand their meanings. 

Once you are ready to start going through the material, your first stop is Section 1, Concepts. Select this page, review the short introduction and the sections recommended reading map before proceeding to the essays. You will notice there are arrows and brackets on the maps. Arrows indicate the suggested reading order and brackets tell you which essays to read before continuing on to the next one. The essays themselves are listed beneath the Section title on the left hand menu.  When you have gone through the essays in the Concepts section repeat the process for the remaining two.

The exercises are not meant to be done independently. The exercises are designed to both reinforce the concepts covered in the essay and to help you develop skills that will aid you in your exploration and growth. Each exercise contains the suggested reading list, though if you have followed the suggested reading path you will covered the needed material. That said, the material flows best if you follow the suggested reading order.

You can begin your exploration of the material by following this link to Section 1, Concepts.



The intent of this site is to help those who choose to explore new ideas as well as work on their personal and spiritual growth on their own. At the same time, some life issues can be too big to handle by ourselves, and external assistance may be required. Do not ignore the potential support and assitance that can come from family and friends or from what a good counsellor, psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist can provide. If you find you need some outside help look for resources that fit with you and your beliefs, someone you feel you can trust and who uses methods with which you are comfortable.