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Personal and Spiritual Growth

  • You Have Chosen to Remember This website and book offer outstanding tools to remember your Godself qualities; experience God in your life; develop inner peace, joy, forgiveness & clarity; and shift beyond limited thinking.
  • The Therapy Tribe TherapyTribe.com is a unique online Therapist Directory.  View detailed therapist profiles - search by zip code and specialty.
  • Quick Good Fortune Smile Quick-Good-Fortune.com is a practical guide to living a life of choice and abundance: Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. Free 21-step home-study course and ezine assure your success.
  • The Body Mind and Spirit A holistic and spiritual lifestyle resource - a website based on the unique concept of creating an opportunity for like minded individuals to come together in mutual support in their quest to create a happier healthier and more conscious and successful lifestyle on all levels.

Reference Material and Online Libraries

  • The Global Library We offer an ever-changing collection of files. Use this site for your spiritual nour­ish­ment and the oc­casio­nal mysti­cal candy.
  • Heuristics This is a reference source: Kahneman and Tversky originally identified three general purpose heuristics: availability, representativeness and anchoring and adjustment.
  • Byzant Scriptorium A place to explore and enjoy the esoteric and artistic. Mysticism, symbolism, psychology, poetry, spirituality and beyond are all to be found within these pages, along with free Tarot readings, oracles and more.
  • Subtle Anatomy This website is a portal for anyone interested in the more subtle aspects of our being.

Related Sites

  • Myst of the Oracle Smile Christian von Lähr is a natural clairvoyant medium and Christopher Valentine is trained in mediumship. Bringing their own additional special skills on board they have been able to establish direct communication with the Nature People
  Woken Mind- Your feed for the best spiritual and personal development content on the web.
  • Unicorn Camps Alternative Family Camping Holiday's - for Singers, Dancers and Magical Beings
  • Personal Health Freedom Smile Mind, Body and Spirit Community - Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness

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