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Exercise 11x

Developing Our Sensitivity to Energy



The exercises in this group are designed to help you work on or expand your ability to sense and "read" energy. The first exercise, Ex. 11.1 Energy Sensitivity Introduction, is referenced from the essay Developing Our Sensitivity to Energy which is in the Spiritual Development section. When you do this series of exercises for the first time I strongly recommend doing them in order as they build on one another. I also suggest you do each at least a few times before proceeding to the next one. This will help to reinforce the benefits of doing them, in a way to allow the experience to "sink in" and can help build your confidence. This exercise set builds on what was covered in Exercise 8, Developing Your Awareness.


Start the set by following this link...Exercise 11.1 Energy Sensitivity: Introduction and then continue on with the others as listed on the left hand menu.