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General Writings

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This section is reserved for pieces on a variety of topics on personal and spiritual growth as well as others that I believe might be of interest to you. They supplement the core material that is under Start Your Journey.

The number of articles will grow over time as new pieces are written. The articles are grouped under a number of headings to make it easier for you to read essays that interest you or focus on particular areas. There is also an Essay Index so that you can find an essay by name. To read an article simply click on the Read More button under the short snippet from the start of it and enjoy!




  • Essay Index

    All the essays in the General Writings section are listed here. They are ordered alphabetically along with the Subcategory they can be found in. For convenience, have added direct links to the individual compositions and categories. 

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  • Consciousness & Awareness

    What is consciousness and Awareness? Essays in this section explore and discuss both of these "terms" so that one develops an understanding of what they are and, in a sense, what roles they play in our lives.

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  • Daily Living

    These compositions cover topics related to things we can do everyday to help us in our lives and with our growth and development.

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  • Developing Our Awareness

    The essays in this section are about how to develop one's non-physical based awareness and perception. We all have the capabilities to do so and if developing yours is a goal these compositions will be of benefit to you. 

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  • Growth

    These essays are written specifically to aid in growth both personally and spiritually. The essays look closely at such challenges as self examination, guilt and blame, developing our spiritual foundation and dealing with negative cycles.

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  • The Mind

    In a very real way we are what we think, therefore our growth is very much tied to our minds. When we have a fuller understanding of what our minds are and how they work, what thoughts are and how they are manifested and interrelate as well as their relationship to our emotions we can be more direct in resolving our challenges. This approach can yield better results more quickly. 

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  • Parents and Children

    We all have issues, most of which come from the first dozen or so  years of our lives. If we wanted to raise children in the best possible way, what would that entail? The essays in this section are written to give you ideas to help with this. They are written for parents and children though the concepts can be beneficial to anyone. They cover the first couple of decades from both perspectives where possible. 

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  • Perspectives

    Compositions of a more general nature including ethics, thoughts about life and views about human nature, our times and evolution.

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  • Poems

    This section contains poems that have a spiritual perspective to them or which relate to life, self or growth. Some may be included simply because they are, for example, relaxing or inspiring Smile

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  • Tips

    Tips are ideas you can put into practice every day. Essays in this section cover such topics as automatic writing, mindfulness, how our mind "edits" what we are conscious of and even how we learn. 

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  • Working With Energy

    In this section you will find essays related to understanding the dynamics of energy and working with it. Topics include energy dynamics and linkages, developing our sensitivity to and working with energy and keeping our energy clear.

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