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This web site is the result of over forty years of spiritual and personal growth and a journey that has taken me down many corridors. From a young age, I was aware of things others appeared not be be and struggled with the confusion that arose as a result. This continued into my teens until a series of events led me to the realization that my challenges were not going to simply vanish and that my struggles with the world were really struggles with myself. The solutions I sought would not be found in the world around me and the only way out was to look within. It was not a decision that I made in one moment, it developed over time from small but deliberate steps. One thing I believed in firmly was that if I was going to work on myself it would help to know more about the nature of Being.

I met some people late in my teens who talked about similar things to what I perceived, or read things that talked about them. What they lacked were explanations to help me understand my perceptions. My research took me through the standard exoteric writings of religions, age books and even shamanism and theosophy though few were available. From there the exploration got deeper as I delved deeper into the belief systems I was aware of through such books as the Q'ran, Sephiroth Yetzirah, the Qabalah, Zohar, Talmud, Bardo Thodol (The Tibetan Book of the Dead) and various Hindu and Buddhist texts. I also read , the Q’ran and I re-read the Bible and studied other spiritual belief systems. What I learned from them, along with daily meditations, kept me going even though my early struggles led to a break in my formal education. That was followed by a sudden move from Ontario in central Canada to Alberta in the west.

I eventually returned to school, taking computing, sciences and mathematics, and graduated in 1987 with a degree in Mathematical Sciences. During my time at university I also played music full time performing at many different venues in western Canada. When I graduated it was time to decide whether I'd continue playing music professionally, go to grad school (I had three faculties to choose from) or put my skills to work in a more conventional way. What shifted my path was spiritual interests and personal growth needs. Financial concerns were a factor in my decision though the primary one was a a strong push from within. The result was the choice to focus on my personal and spiritual growth, which led me to take a job  designing and developing custom software for the Public Lands Division of the provincial government here in Albert. This allowed me to both take care of my worldly responsibilities and focus on growth. It was an incredible and transformational period of my life.

At the time I knew that growth was not an option. It was just after graduation that many of my personal challenges, or life issues, came to the fore and needed to be dealt with. In order to resolve them I went through an intense period of self-discovery and growth, including spiritually. It was during this time that my awareness literally exploded shifting me into entirely new levels. On the work side it led to a enjoyable career first as a guru developer and support analyst and then as a manager of teams of IT systems analysts. In this latter role I was responsible for the development and support of administrative and academic computer for a medium sized college. Throughout this period I continued my meditations and esoteric studies. 

In the following years, I delved deeply into exploring consciousness, the mind, awareness, perception and energy work. This, in turn, led me to give seminar's in personal and spiritual growth, teach meditation and energy awareness and also providing clearing strong negative energies and doing “ghost-busting” as a service to those in need of them. I continued to work on my IT career and outside of it continued to focus on not just developing myself but assisting others in doing the same. In the mid 90's I became the President of the Alberta Psychic Society, which provided me with further opportunities to continue my work in helping people to grow, resolve personal issues and develop themselves and their spiritual awareness.

Around this same time, I did a number of personal "channeling sessions". The Twin Powers workbook, which is the original source of the core material presented here, was the result of them. I continued to give seminars and workshops based on these sessions and of course my own experiences and years of study. Those that attended these sessions benefited greatly, not because I gave them answers. They benefited because they developed a better understanding of "self". Through this they learned how to connect within to where they could find answers for themselves to work on their personal and spiritual growth. 

I launched the website in 2011, based on the workbook, so the material would be available to a far broader audience. Since launching the website I have continued to write leading to nearly one hundred additional essays containing well over a thousand pages of material. The material covers a wide range of topics to help people can work on and develop themselves on all levels. It is my hope that through this site  I can continue to do this and dedicate myself to it. 


My best to you on your journey,

Allan Beveridge




"Love without conditions and if you cannot help ... do not hinder"



Additional Note... for those of who love music

After graduation I took a hiatus from the drums for a while, primarily due to lack of time and not having a place to play them (they are loud). I did got back into music in 1994 and played in a local band. That venture didn't go anywhere but I was back behind a "kit", something I love to do. I played at home regularly to develop my skills, but didn't perform live for many years after that. However, circumstances had me go to a jam session in 2013 at a small bar here in Edmonton, and before I knew it I was playing congas and then took over behind the kit for The Marshall Lawrence Band, a blues band. Marshall is a well known and respected musician in the blues genre with four albums to his credit, ones that have charted in many countries. This led to my being able to be the drummer on his fifth album. I never regretting my choice to give up music in the 80's nor thought I'd ever be on a album, so it's a wonderful bonus to finally get to do one. The album is titled Feeling Fine and was released on February 23, 2018. It is getting airplay around the world and you can listen to or purchase a copy of it by going to Marshall Lawrence's website.

May you enjoy the music...  



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