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Energy Interactions


The night has fallen and the sun has spoken its last until tomorrow. The moon may not be providing some light to challenge the dark embrace, yet it is a lovely evening. It may be cool, but there is next to no wind, and I will light a fire later to stave off the chill if I head back out.

I was out back with the cat and looked up to watch the moon straining to pierce the clouds. It was not an aggressive push, but an unyielding one by a moon unwilling to silenced and patient enough to wait for its opportunity to shine. I smiled. I let my mind wander and then silenced a couple thoughts that had me looking back on the day. When I did clear my thoughts a question surfaced - “so, what am I going to write out tonight?”

Not having an answer I shrugging my shoulders and reminded myself I would come up with one at some point. My mind then wandered back over the nearly seventy pieces I have shared so far. The first few I posted were from various pieces published on the website, along with unpublished ones form the source material, writings I titled The Twin Powers Workbook.

I was keeping my eye on Shrek as I thought about all the new pieces I have posted over the last few months. Then my thoughts went back to how posting my writings had started, and actually remembered the decision to post, or perhaps more aptly, I remember bypassing the decision altogether and going directly to realizing I was about to. My idea at this point was that thinking about what I had done so far might lead to an inspiration. I attempted to answer my own question, except no answer was forthcoming.



We were outside about ten minutes before Shrek decided he wanted in, no doubt the cool night air and the fact I will not let him leave the yard factored into his decision. We made our way inside together. There were very few thoughts rummaging around my mind, and most of those were on taking Shrek’s collar off; he does not like it at all. Still, nothing had popping out so I came up here to my desk in the study and fired up the computer. I know better than to try to force these things and so I have a chuckle over my own slight feelings of impatience. I think how typical it is of our minds, that they should dance when we want them to be still, and be still when we would like them to dance.

Normally, some inspiration would have already started tickling thoughts into activity that leads me to the “right” topic for the week. By right, I do not mean correct, I mean the topic that feels right; however, that had not happened since I began thinking about this week’s piece early on Thursday. Perhaps it is because my last one was several days late, and I am now writing two within a few days, which may be too much to ask for. Still, I do intend and want to write one and so I just trust that something will pop out if I let these two be. Earlier, I had a brief moment where I sensed a topic trying to surface, but I missed it.

When I am “prompted” to do something or to speak (something I should pay attention to), I notice it in the lower back part of my neck, where I feel a light, almost imperceptible pinch. It is a sensation that has me wanting to tilt my head back and lower. When my mind is noisy, I miss hearing it, not tonight. Besides a lovely evening, it is also a quiet one, and when I was outside earlier, it seemed right to enjoy my time while thinking as little as possible. What the prompt had me do was sit down at the computer and start on this week’s composition.

Now, I still had no idea what I would write about, so I typed what you have read so far and then paused. The next thoughts to surface were why I had started to post and my intent in doing so. I did not start this to journey to get feedback from people, or to explain how I see the world. It was to share what I had learned, knowing that others would find some value in it and benefit from it, as would I.

The world is a confusing place, and we humans, without the benefit of a handbook struggle along often mindful of how little we know. We may shrug it off and let it go, but it is a thought that many cannot shake. I knew I could not change that for others, we can only do that for ourselves, but I knew I could offer a helping hand so that they could do so for themselves. Helping others was a path I first consciously stepped onto nearly forty years ago.

In my mid to late teens, I learned about tarot cards from my brother. He had picked up a book by Anton Lavey called “The Satanic Bible”. We were not a religious family so I had little exposure to much beyond the realm of science, history, mathematics, art and philosophy. It was around this time that I first dabbled in meditation and had picked up his Rider Tarot deck out of curiosity. I tried to do a reading and followed the method written on a guide he also had. I was with some friends, though I do not remember who they are, and played with them. It came as quite a surprise to me that it turned out I was remarkably accurate with them.


At first, unaware of the whole notion of misuse of power and potentials therein, I got a kick out of being able to predict future events for people. It also fed my ego, partially due my need to know things others did not and the fact they were impressed by my skills with them. Even with the accuracy, I saw them as a gimmick, a toy and did not take it seriously until I read the cards for one friend and what I saw scared me. I did continue with trying to read the cards, though rather than say what I felt to be right, I said something along the lines that there is danger ahead for someone close to him and suggested they should be cautious when taking on new adventures. We laughed about it at the time, but his best friend nearly died in a terrible car accident shortly after. I put the cards down after that, and have done only the odd reading over the years. I still use a Case Deck but primarily during meditation.

That event changed me significantly. I had always been very intuitive and empathic, some of my friends called me spooky and we would chuckle about it.  What that event had me doing was reconsidering everything I know. I began to search for books that could explain what I had experienced. I started with some religious texts and branched into other more esoteric works.

My view of the world, self and so on, began to gel as result of those explorations, it was not a slow process either. With each piece that I read, I found answers, and of course, more questions. Still, it was enough to begin to understand the nature of my existence and that the Cosmos was a far more interesting and active place than I had realized.

Fast-forwarding a number of years, and a couple thousand hours of meditation later and I found myself far more aware of the realm of metaphysics and spirituality. One of the aspects that stood out was my awareness of energy. My energy is quite “big” and I worked on managing it better. What I had discovered was that when I became frustrated it affected everyone in the room to one degree or another, that if I stared at someone I could get their attention and even affect them in subtle ways and I could change the energy in a room or even a building simply by focusing my attention a certain way.

Due to my concern for manipulation that stemmed from my experimenting with tarot cards, I had long since realized that one is not to manipulate others. Once I became aware that I could do so I had to start paying more attention to my thoughts, my energy and to take additional care when thinking or dealing with others. My empathy proved to be a great help in this as I was able to sense others and to get a feel for the effect I had on them, not that I always was able to translate what I received into conscious thoughts.

I already knew that energy followed attention, what I was starting to understand more fully was the dynamics of energy, the impact of our energy on other energies and that which we discard as we go about our lives. The image of Pig Pen comes to mind, simply substitute energy for the dust and dirt that he leaves behind as he moves about and you get the idea. It has a far bigger impact on us than most consider, assuming they consider it at all.

Regardless of the type of emotional reaction we have to experiences, we cast off some of this energy as we go along. I remember one house we had lived in where I was very uncomfortable in certain places. I could not put my finger on it, but knew that I just did not like going into those places.

This feeling was sometimes the result of my own fears, that being programs in our rational mind that have us reacting certain ways to what we perceive. What I was learning was that it was also the result of what we unwittingly discard as we go about our lives. The energies at play in and around us do have an impact on us, and this is what I want to focus on in this composition.



Energy is never static, regardless of whether it is natural occurring energy, our own or the energy that we leave behind. We manifest energies with every act we do be it a physical act, a thought or an emotion that comes from the thoughts we have. Excluding natural flowing energies that affect all of us equally (such as “Cosmic” energies, those of celestial bodies and so on), the net energy equation would have several variables, the main ones being:

  • The energy that remains within our aura
  • The energy that we direct at an external object
  • The energy that we send out in general or cast off by various means
  • The reaction of naturally occurring or “free” energy to all of the above


The first three items on this list have an effect on free or undirected energy, that being energies that is not a part of nor manifested by any consciousness and which are not natural flowing energies. We will focus on the last two, that being the energy we cast off and the affects of the energies we manifest on naturally occurring energies, though I will touch also on the first two.

We have an aura that is a body of energy of different types often referred to as energy of different planes. The energies it contains range from the lowest or densest, which are the most closely related to our physical bodies, the etheric, up to the highest mental body and our core energy or soul. All these energies affect energies they interact with, where they are of the same plane or there is a commonality with energies of another plane. This later point requires some clarification.

When we have a thought, that thought will induce a reaction on the emotional plane. The type of emotion triggered is dependent on the nature of the thought. If I think, “that is beautiful!” emotions of caring, affection and appreciation (amongst others) can be manifested. It also works the other way, in that when we perceive energy of the emotional plane it can induce a thought of the type that would have manifested said energy. I say can because we are capable of shielding ourselves, through various means, from the influence of various external energies (1).

People often assume that what they feel and think are the result of their own thinking and emotional processes. Yes, we certainly do this; however, what we feel and think can actually come from external sources. If you consider the list above from an external perspective, you will notice that we encounter energies that are not “ours” continually. Our consciousness is perfectly capable of decoding thought or emotional plane energies that our not our own (this is the basis of telepathy, empathy etc.), and unless we are sensitive enough and paying attention we are inclined to think these are our own creation.

Of course, not all thoughts and energies we encounter are random or free energies, some are “directed” at us. I covered this, in part, in the compositions on shielding and energy linkages (2). These energies are not necessarily a problem, though one should be aware of their potential to affect us.

Random or free energies that we encounter can also affect us and do unless we are heavily shielded (not something I recommend unless one is dire need of such protection). Free-floating thoughts or random energies have little impact on us, relatively speaking. What does affect us is when we encounter energies that have collected in a particular location.

Energies that collect do so for two primary reasons. First, energies of like kind tend to join up, because they are attracted to each other and second, energies can become imbedded in objects or at locations, which also provide an anchor. This can happen anywhere including our own homes.


If one is sensitive enough, they can notice subtle shifts in what they perceive as they move about. Most people are completely unaware of this and often assume what they perceive is from their own thoughts and feelings, when it is often the result of energies they encounter. Those that are not sensitive can learn to be more sensitive by paying more attention to what they thinking and feeling in the moment and by asking themselves “is this mine?”

For energy to collect and remain in public places it generally requires an anchor or for there to be a considerable amount of energy that is either generated by an event or that is added steadily over a long period of time. For instance, places where a mob of people who are angry can manifest a considerable amount of energy that can remain at that location for a long time. Places where battles have occurred or where there continual suffering and negative emotions have been generated, such as hospitals (notably mental health ones), geriatric facilities, jails, prisons and so on, can also lead to negative “hot spots”. If these places are not used for the same purpose or the buildings are torn down and the area is left to fallow for a long enough the energies can dissipate, otherwise they can persist for a very long time.

Hot spots also occur in our home. Consider the emotions you and your guests have expressed in your home. Some of these energies will be “cast off”. These will begin to collect in the corners and other places you do not frequent. In addition, if they are strong enough they can be everywhere rather than localized. Unless you are 100% positive and loving all the time, this will occur, there is no way to avoid it. The question is do you do anything with these energies? If not they will collect and will do so even if you have an abundance of strong positive energy that can convert them.

You may be asking, “How can I tell if this is happening in my home?” One way to you can start to answer this is by doing the following:

  1. Sit down for a bit and relax until you are in as close to a neutral emotional state as possible and try to clear you mind of thoughts as best you can. A quick meditation will help with this.
  2. Get up and slowly walk around your home, going everywhere including behind the couches, in the corners and so on.
  3. As you move about try notice what you feel rather than what you think. If you think too much you may be inclined to try to think what areas might be a problem. This is not what you want guiding this process. What you should pay particular attention to is any resistance to going into certain locations or any shifts in what you feel, no matter how subtle.
  4. Make note of the areas that make you feel uncomfortable or those that you are reluctant to go into.


Once you know where the negative energy is collecting, you can work to clear it (3). Again, sensitivity is required; however, we can learn to be more sensitive if we try. Proficiency at this will come if you continue to work at it. Do not let your thinking mind tell you it is pointless, that the whole idea is nonsense or that you cannot do it, for all of these are false. If these types of thoughts are plaguing you, you need to start to work on your beliefs, something I have written about many times, and in particular, I focused on it in the Awareness Series (4) and the exercise "What Do I Believe" (6). Even those unaccustomed to doing such things you can develop the awareness to clear the energy from their homes.



I must point out that energy that collects is not consicous, that is it does not have a "life" of its own. Consciousness is awareness plus memory, and such energies do not have this quality. It can affect others, but does not act in a directed fashion. It can only act in a manner determined by the type of energy that it is comprised of. That is not to say it cannot move or act and it will not react in any fashion because it can if the thought forms and emotions that gave rise to it contain energies that have this aspect as a component. This may seem to meet the definition of awareness I have given before, that being awareness is the ability to react to an external stimuli; however, it does not for the energy can be acted upon, and change but this is not the energy reacting to a stimuli or perception.

Now, clearing the energy will take care of what you have in your home now; however, you will continue to manifest them so you will need to do two things. First, reduce how much “junk” energies you dump by working on your own thoughts and emotional state and that of your aura (5). Second, clear the energy regular, this will remove it and have the secondary benefit of creating thought forms that will actually work at keeping the energy in your home clear of such energies.

I will issue a word of caution for you to pay attention to when doing energy clearing. You must not manipulate the energy of any living being be it plant, animal or man. I do not include minerals or non-living things in this, as they are not likely to be harmed or changed by your clearing activities. I cannot state this too emphatically. With respect to this, the two points to focus on here are:

  • You must have the highest interest and benefit of all clearly in mind at all times
  • Your intent must be clear and unambiguous as well otherwise non-conscious thoughts and even conscious ones can manipulate energies you should not be touching

Your thoughts regarding manipulation of energy must not be casual or haphazard as this will not ensure you are meeting these two requirements. Better yet, make them core values in your life, as this will reduce the likelihood of your manipulating energies you have no business touching or playing with. This becomes even more critical as you get better at working with energy and your personal power grows. In life, we often try to avoid the negative consequences of our actions; however, no one can circumvent the Law of Action and Reaction and good or noble intentions will not help you avoid the consequences.

Now, I do not state this warning to scare you, only to let you know as it is my duty to when sharing information on topics such as this. Just be careful and follow the two points I listed above at all times. If you do start working on clearing the energy in your home you will find that your home will be a brighter, warmer and more loving place and you will react less strongly to negative thoughts as there will be less energy of this kind around to influence you or anyone who happens to be in your home. Further, you will get better at adjusting your own energy when you encounter lower emotional energy when outside of your home.


© 2011 Allan Beveridge


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