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The Twin Powers material has been read by thousands of people from dozens of countries around the globe. These are some of their comments on various articles....


General Comments


"Allan, your site is one of the best/well written pages I've seen. Not overwhelming but welcoming..." ~Meagan Martinez

"Thank you so much, Allan. You are a big source of inspiration and wisdom for me. I regularly read all your articles over and over again. It is my wish to meet you someday" ~ Mandeep Mann

"I visited your website and was astonished by the wisdom I encountered there." Jacques Van Schalkwyk

"You have a beautiful and very informative website." ~ Murray Hunter

"I've been reading your site a lot over the last 12 hours. The work you've done is phenomenal!" ~anonymous (Robin's Wings)

"Anyone seeking "GREATER AWARENESS" will be well served on Allan Beveridge's site." ~ Etienne Arsenault

"You get answers to almost all your queries regarding your Spiritual quest ... it's always fruitful to read him and interact with him." ~ Puneet Sodhi 

"Allan B. did an excellent job. It really needs no words from me. I will say that by joining The Twin Powers I've made one of the best choices of my adult life. His knowledge base is truly overwhelming." ~Paula 



Comments on Articles


Dealing With Strong Emotions

"Great article. So illuminating" ~Patrick Dsouza


What is Spiritual Growth?

"First class article. I don't think I've seen spiritual growth explained so clearly and with a vocabulary that is not instantly off-putting to a person with at least the other foot firmly on the ground." ~Sebastian Maki


Limiting Aspects of The Rational Mind

"I'm going to think about it. I love how you trigger the thinking part of my brain in such a special investigative way" ~ Saida Tripp


Paying Attention to Our Attention

 "Pay attention to your attention Be AWARE of your Consciousness. Excellent essay by Allan Beveridge." ~Etienne Arsenault


The Nature of Thoughts Parts I and II

"I just love this entire piece, Allan!!! Thank-you" ~ Dianne Kinder

"We need more people like you around Allan. Great piece, I wholeheartedly agree" ~ Tony Axtell


The Nature of Judgment

"I just now had the chance to read this. I cried! Not sad tears; cleansing tears. Allan, this piece is so valuable. It could not have come at a more perfect time" ~ Anna Knight Parramore


Learning to Accept Responsibility

"Been a long time since I have feasted on material lovely as this. An infinity of thanks for all those who can and will. Hope Eternal to all those you help Allan, me included" ~ Heather Dzuris

"Thank you Allan, I really enjoy the way you write. Thank you for your friendship and insight. I've learned a lot." ~ Karla Valadez


Energy Linkages

"Allan, this is so good! Thank you! I agree that energy linkages are built based on commonality of the energies regardless of their levels. I like this "...the energy can form a link with the concepts and ideas that gave rise to them; hence, these links lie within us."" ~ Saida Tripp

"I must take time to re-read - gosh darn - you are so prolific with wonderful, wonderful stuff!! Gosh darn it, to good to read once!" ~ Colleen Critchley Rodriguez

"Energy Linkages - what a wonderfully interesting piece. Your penchant for lucid, caring detail makes it even more compelling, Allan. It is obviously a work of love for you. Thanks!" ~ Larry DiTommaso



"I love starting the day reading your things on here. Thanks so very much for putting all the time and effort. I feel quite certain that your writings have helped not only myself but many, many others as well. It certainly gives you something to think about for the day. Thanks Allan" ~Fran Millar

"This was PERFECT! Thanks Allan" ~LaLa Lauren

"Marvellous piece, Allan! Very thought provoking" ~Colleen Critchley Rodriguez


Relaxation and Meditation

"I'm glad I found this information from @TheTwinPowers. Best info on meditation that I've ever read."~Misty Mountain Reverie (Twitter user)


Our Emotional Self

"Allan, this is so helpful. I really understand this, all of your notes are really starting to come together and let me understand more about who I am and how I am living, thanks so much." ~Christina Ward

"The man is a fcking genius, no really, he could become the new extension of Terence McKanna's ideas!!!"~Pulsar

"Like you said recently in a comment response. Allan-- That you would be writing whether people read it or not- via your love for it. The beautiful fact, that people reading and benefiting, is the gravy of the process.Thank you, once again."~Larry DiTommaso

"Oh, I get them... just trying to "get them" in my emotional self... and I am strongly committed to learning from you. Peace and thanks Allan, you have done a lot for me already"~Eugene Dupont 


Our Journey Home

"Everyone shall See their True Nature one day And witness the oneness… Be free of all attachment. An excellent essay" ~Etienne Arsenault


What Do I Believe?

Exercise 1 and parts from Limiting aspects of the RM

"Fascinating and compelling, Allan. Taking a little in at a time does it justice. Gracia!"~Larry DiTommaso

"Well done Allan, thank you very much"~Marianne Black

"I truly love your TOD - thank you for sharing your thoughts Allan! I always appreciate reading them"~Colleen Critchley Rodriguez

"Hey Allan, I just wanted to tell you I appreciate you tagging me on your TOD. Very good work. I am glad to have found you. The exercises you include are very interesting, it makes you think a lot of things you normally wouldn't. I would say I am new on this path of finding out about who I am and this helps a lot. I do enjoy your writing a lot."~Karla Valadez


The Non-Rational Mind

 "Wonderful Allan. Should be part of the curriculum for all who care for and teach a child. Good food for thought for us all as usual. Thank you."~Heather Dzuris

"Lots of ideas to consider and delve deeply into our Higher Knowing. Thank you, Allan"~Saida Tripp 

Finding Your Path

 "I so love your use and flow of words, Allan. I read your essay this morning, Xmas morning and it was like re-opening a present!!...What you offer has been very valuable to me and I have never felt you were "directing" anybody but rather - offering a perspectgive - which by the way is always bent on bringing us back to ourselves."~Colleen Critchley Rodriguez

"Very good ideas, Allan"~ Eugene Dupont

"While each of us must find our own purpose or path in life, you will find that when you do find your path you will not be walking alone.~ absolutely love this and so happy that I ran into you on my journey"~ Anna Knight Parramore

"Allan, you know what, I really get you, you know, all the words spoken in this TOD are as they should be, and if followed I don't see any reason why anyone would have a problem finding their own answers."~Christina Ward



"Fascinating mental murals, Allan. A wonderful start to what will be a wonderful year! My first thank you of the year to you."~Larry DiTommaso

"Good essay. We have discussed this shielding concept before and I find it a good reminder to not be fully open...As my SiFu used to say generate the Qi (Chi) then nurture it, conserve it and above all protect it."~Kevin Baker 


Time to Weigh Anchor

"There are many TOD's that I like a lot, learned from and always really enjoyed reading. But the essay "Time to Weigh Anchor" is my number one favourite. It is something that I have experienced, wrote about and always closely related to. Thank you Allan!" ~ Olga Stolyarchik

One Thought

"Excellent testimony Allan. Yes, One shall act to eliminate negative thoughts One By One… A MUST READ" ~ Etienne Arsenault


Our Puzzle Box - Part 2 of 2

re: Our Puzzle Box - Part 2 of 2 (posted on The Twin Powers Facebook Group)
"You speak for people who need a direction. Beautiful!" ~ Miira Niiru


Nurturing the Future Part 1: Baby Steps and The Guiding Hand

"I am astonished by the quality and quantity of information... I recommend all parents and caregivers to share in your offerings" ~Dr. Peter O'Lalor 


Who Pulled the Plug Part 1

"I love this piece, I believe that we've lacked real life philosophers for far too long, your words are amazing,very well done." ~Timothy Mondon




 Last updated February 18, 2018