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The realms of personal and spiritual growth are large and highly interconnected. The material on this site is intended to help in in both of these areas. Even with hundreds of pages of material related to them on the website we can only scratch the surface. The result is many questions go unanswered, further, you may have questions about what you have read on the site.

While we cannot answer every question we will select a few on a regular basis and post them here along with our thoughts about it. Send your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If your question is chosen we will let you know and both the question and answer will be posted here. To protect people's anonymity only initials will be included. Here are the guidelines for any questions you submit...

  • The questions should pertain to personal or spiritual growth in line with the material on the site. Questions related to such areas as spirituality in general, metaphysics or psychism and so on are considered to be related topics.   
  • We will not answer questions about individual people, identifiable groups or organizations, politics or where there are legal implications (i.e. active court cases and so on)
  • The question should not be one that requires a full essay to address

We are always interested in knowing you think, are curious about as well as what topics you enjoy or things you are working on. Questions can also lead to a new essay or looking at a topic we've covered before from a different perspective, if there is enough interest and it is an area where we have some expertise. 

Thank you,

Allan Beveridge