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The I and The All

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 There is splendour behind the illusion

It is unfortunate that it gets lost in the looking.

It is all around us and everywhere we look


But there is mystery in the seeking

A game of hide and seek with ourselves

We will poke and prod and see what we discover

Until it’s time to step aside

So that the hidden can speak

And silence the hunger

That keeps us from being


The subtle touch is unyielding

And a quiet refrain for the distracted.

It hides in the echo behind a joker’s grin

And dares the willing to unmask


So many lines cross, and where they meet

Lies the choosing but there is no choice to make

The past’s collar has already chosen

We are either on lines that limit

Or one open to ALL


And we are never free without yielding

Not to others - to the splendour all around

Where our magic was lost in the looking

It is now found


The woven webs of “I”’s witchery

Are no longer Master of the house

Where once they were self-possessive

They act in service instead

The ages of toil and turmoil fade

And the I and the All are wed


© 2012 Allan Beveridge

*NOTE - This poem was woven into the Awakening Our Gifts series (parts 2 to 6) and the order of the essays and the stanza's of this poem match. The links in this poem are to the essays that particular stanza(s) was included in,