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User Logins


Anyone can create an account on The Twin Powers website and what  privileges you have and information you receive depends on which group of users you belong to. There are currently three types of users on website. The three groups of users are visitors, those who create a login and those who have become site members.


Note re: Creating New Accounts

When creating accounts make sure your Name and User Name (the login ID) are reasonable. Long strings and profanity are not permitted. If such accounts are created they will be deleted and the user or new member will be notified of this. They will have to create a new account with an appropriate Name and User Name. 



No log in required, simple view the material that is available in the core curriculum found under Start Your Journey and elsewhere on the site.



Users are visitor's who also have a log in on the site. They have the same privileges as Visitor's, however they can comment in the forum, receive information on site updates and the newsletter. You can register on the site by following this link ... Register as a site User

If you would like to update your status to that of a full member please follow the link below to get information on being a member and how to join.

Becoming a Twin Powers website Member



Member's have access to all the site features and articles, receive information on site updates, the newsletter and can get answers to their questions. 

The below table lists the differences between the three:


Functionality/Class    Visitors        Users        Members   
Access to All essays in General Writings 
Read Forum comments  
Add comments to Forum  
Access to unrestricted articles under Start Your Journey 
Access to restricted Articles    
Informed of site changes by email  
Receive copy of newsletter by email  
Ability to get answers to questions    
Access to all site features