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No one is an island and the Twin Powers is no exception. This page is intended to provide additional resources for site visitors and members beyond the content of the website. You will find such resources here and the intent is to grow the number available. The resources will not be large "for profit" corporations but smaller more personal ones. While the resources listed here are independent from The Twin Powers they are ones that will have been personally vetted by Allan Beveridge to try to ensure, as best as possible, that they meet the following requirements: 


  • They are safe to use.
  • They have agreed with the Twin Powers vision and mission statement.
  • They provide services related to personal and spiritual growth.
  • Their focus is on ensuring they are acting in the best interests of those who use their services.


Note that the Twin Powers is not responsible and assumes no liability for any interactions or transactions entered into with the providers listed. However, if there are issues you can contact us and we will try to work with you and the resource providers to resolve any issues to the satisfaction of all. We can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The resources are listed by "area/topic"...



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 Page created July 12, 2021