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The support for the Twin Powers has been excellent and I am thankful. The site has been visited by people in 171 countries and over 4,500 cities. Further, the sites Twitter account has gone from 209 followers in February of 2016 to nearly 29,000 in less than two years. This has come as a result of the depth of material on the site and having a couple thousand inspirational quotes the bulk of which are related to personal and spiritual growth. In the process I've been been able to assist many people on their personal or spiritual growth journey's. This got me thinking about how to support the site further and give people a way to show their support for the ideas I share. As a result, I've been working to make Twin Powers related images and inspirational quotes available on a variety of items.

You can get the images below printed on shirts, tops, laptop cases, badges, mugs, cooking aprons, phone cases and so on. The images available are displayed below. Clicking on any of the images will take you to the store we've set up so you can order the image you like on the items available, and where applicable the colour of your choice. To start, all proceeds will go to the artist, my brother James, though eventually some will go to help cover the cost of maintaining the site.


Thank you for you continued support of my efforts!

Allan Beveridge, Founder of The Twin Powers


Currently Available Designs


Everyone has the power to grow by James F. Beveridge          



Artists and their sites:

James F. Beveridge

NOTE: All artwork remains the property of the artist unless otherwise specified. 


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