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The Twin Powers Website is only available because of the generosity of members who contribute through their dues and the donations of those, like the members, who appreciate what the site has to offer. It is only through your kindness that I can maintain the site and over time either develop or purchase software to provide more features. This will allow me to expand the site offerings and make it possible to reach and help a broader audience.

It is also my intent that the new features and functionality that is added will be guided not just by me, but also by the interests and needs of site members and donors. I encourage you to offer suggestions either through the forums or by email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Your suggestions will be given serious consideration and if needed the members may collectively vote on what will be added. I have no idea what will be suggested though know that when people work together they can take it to places we could never have imagined!

Anyone who donate 20$'s or more can receive a membership, the duration of which is based on donation size (as listed below). To ensure you get a membership please indicate this and include your email address in the comments field that is available when you are making your donation through Paypal. Your email address is needed so I can set up your account. Should you make a payment this way we will contact you following the same procedure as listed on the Member Payment Process page.

I will be setting up a Contributor's page and if you provide your name you will be added to it as another way of thanking you for your generosity. You can provide this information when you are reviewing your donation through Paypal. Simply put the text into the field titled "Contract Details for Contribution Notice". If you wish to remain anonymous, The Twin Powers will respect this though know that I am remain very grateful for your donation. To make a donation of any amount you choose, click on the Donate button below. Know that you have our humblest thanks should you choose to do so.



Allan Beveridge

Creator and manager of The Twin Powers Website 



Donation Membership Period           
$ 20 to $ 99 1 year
$ 100 to $ 199       3 years
$ 200 to $ 499  7 years
$ 500 to $999 20 years
Over $ 1,000 Lifetime







Last updated August 29, 2017