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Puneet Sodhi



Although I was very sensitive to life issues as a small kid, not until 2009, did I realize that there is a much higher dimension to one’s Physical Self, which is definitely more lasting and less transient than the temporary existence of one’s journey on this planet. This discovery was not of Self-evolving in my case…as I came across an Enlightened Master or he actually “found” me to lead me on to amazing aspects of Life and Living. I still have a long way to go on this Beautiful journey, which is being led on by my Spiritual Mentor, Reverend Saint Sukh Sagar Ji.  I feel like sharing the little milestones I have achieved and little lessons I have learnt so far... as these have changed the entire course of my life for the better…

By Profession, I am an Associate Professor in English, teaching in a Women Institute in the beautiful state of Panjab, India. My Physician husband, Dr. Amar Bir Singh, who practices Medicine in India and our son Gunraj Singh, who studies Psychology at York University, Toronto, are co-travellers on this Spiritual Odyssey. 

I met Allan Beveridge on the Face Book and got a chance to read his essays at Twin Powers. Believe me, I used to feel surprised, how we were talking of the same TRUTH from altogether different platforms…(He was never surprised, as "Truth is Truth"…to put into his words!!!). Allan has been very encouraging, always ready to help and is compassionate to the core!!! The way, he accepted to include my scribbling to the Twin Powers, humbles me and at the same time fills me with inspiration to share my anecdotes.



M.A. M.Phil. (English) 

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My essays are dedicated to Reverend Saint Sukh Sagar Ji, who helped me in knowing that I am also as Spiritual as the whole Cosmos is...



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