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One of the bi-products of our lack of awareness is that we are mostly unaware of the source of the thoughts and feelings we have as well as the consequences of the energies we manifest. We go about our lives having thoughts and feelings while almost completely unaware of the consequences of them. In this case I am not referring to the fact we have them, as that is something I have looked at many times. Instead, I am speaking about what happens to the energies we manifest and how they affect us mostly without our being aware of them. Some might call it blissful ignorance, but that is not accurate. In fact, the energies we manifest are real and affect us and those around us even though we are not conscious of it.

These energies can have a significant effect on us even though we are generally not aware of it. In this composition we will look at why it is important to deal with the energies we manifest, the sources of such energies, how they affect us and what we can do to reduce the affect. To help explain these things I will cite some examples from my life. While I will primarily focus on lower energies, the same principle applies to all such as higher emotions (such as compassion, sympathy, devotion, affection and so on).

Example #1:

A number of years ago I remember walking into a room at someone’s home and almost immediately found myself perceiving distinct vibrations of intense agitation and anger. It was an uncomfortable feeling, and so I tried to figure out if the source was my reaction to the situation or the room or to something else. As I typically do in such situations I grounded, did some deep breathing to clear the energy from my person and then was able to determine the energies were coming from the room itself.


When I touched those energies with a clearer mind I got the impression of fighting and conflict. No one else seemed to notice anything consciously but I did notice people’s posture changed, that they stood further apart than they had been, they were all a little agitated and their voices were a little louder. I did not know the people well enough so share my perceptions, and while I could have cleared the energy, it was not my place to do so without permission. Those who went in to the room returned to their previous state, for the most part, within a few minutes of when we exited the room.


Example #2

I was visiting a friend and he was showing me around their house. We went from room to room and eventually ended up down in the basement. When we were there I started to walk around as he had a number of interesting items. I did notice the room had an “odd” feel to it, but not being bothered by it I continued while he stayed near the bottom of the staircase.


I was curious about one strange object, though I don’t remember what it was, and asked him about it. I expected he would come over where I was but he remained within a few feet of the bottom of the stairs. When I looked at him he appeared somewhat agitated and restless and I had the sense that he would rather not be there. That got me to wondering why.


The room was unfinished but clean, uncluttered and contained no “questionable” objects, and he seemed to have no issues with my being there. I quickly ruled out the possibility that he might be uncomfortable or embarrassed in any way, so I then examined the “odd” feel. What I "saw" was that his aura had closed up, almost like a shield, which was not the case until we came downstairs. A quick scan around revealed the odd feel of the energy in the basement was due to it being coarse, thick and distinctly negative. I had not focused on it earlier as I was having fun visiting him, which had my energy very positive and also, generally speaking, such energies do not affect me. 


Being friends I simply asked him if there was something about the room that bothered him. Though not a spiritual person he was somewhat aware of my energy work, that I’d taught meditation and given talks on such things. He simply stated that there was just something about the room that made him uncomfortable. He said he noticed it when they moved in and that nothing had changed.


I did not press him on it as he was obviously uncomfortable. I even thought about offering to clear the energy for him, but only said I sensed negative energy in the room that could explain his discomfort. He only shrugged and suggested we should return upstairs. I did say I might be able to help and he shrugged but did giving me some approval to proceed. When I went to say something about what I would try to do my mouth did not want to open. When that happens I know to keep whatever I’d intended to say to myself. I don’t know why I was not to tell him what I was going to do, but got the feeling that it might “spook” him.


He wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible so I did not have the time to fully clear it for him; however, being a friend I did create a quick ground beneath their home and quickly ran some clearing energy through the room to get rid as much of the negative energy as I could and left the ground in place to help gradually drain any that I missed.


We did not speak about it again that day; we just went back up stairs and left the topic alone. I kept working on it in the background up until I left. I never mentioned it again, but he did. He later told me that after I’d been for a visit he noticed his wife no longer avoided the basement like the plague. Further, he said that, when he had to go down there, the feeling of discomfort was no longer so prominent, though some of his old thoughts about it surfaced when he was in the room.


Pooled Negative Energy


Example #3

I was out and about doing some running around and ended up in a store where I planned to buy some candles. The store had a huge selection of household items and so I was browsing around to see what they had. As I approached one section the thought occurred that I “needed” to buy something I actually had no need of or interest in. The various products of this type were on a shelf just in front of me. I was marginally aware of the item; however, I had never given it more than a passing thought.


The thought was strong and came with a sense of urgency which actually surprised me. I stopped where I was because the feeling and thoughts both seemed odd and not like one’s I would have at all. As I stood there wondering where it came from a women came up, one in an obvious hurry, and she went straight for and picked up the very item that had suddenly come to mind. I noticed then that the energy I felt and aspects of her energy were identical. Both the thoughts and the feelings I experienced had come from her.


I am fairly certain that most can relate, at least in part, to the experiences I have described above. The reason I have shared them is to illustrate that we often have mistaken notions about the source of the thoughts and feelings we perceive as a basis for exploring what is occurring and how it can affect us. This topic is related to perhaps the biggest challenge anyone who is working on personal or spiritual growth faces, namely our tendency to believe that what we experience has an internal source. This challenge is due to our being raised with an ego-centric view.

In the first two examples, I was aware of the energies I perceived, what they were and their source; however, if one is not aware that the energies felt were those already in the room, their conscious mind will try to find some reason for the energies they feel. They may mistakenly try to associate their discomfort with themselves because with the ego-centric view we tend to believe that what we feeland even our thoughts have an internal source; that is they are from us. The reality is that this is often not the case at all.

I have stated before that we are born with the ability to be both empathic and telepathic. This is a natural byproduct of our consciousness. Our minds are not in our brain, our minds are separate from it, just as our emotions are not from our bodies they are the result of the thoughts we have. Both our thoughts and emotions are energy and not physical. Further, reality has an unseen side, namely the energy that exists everywhere but which goes unseen. Some of this energy has a conscious source and such these energies radiate such that we are constantly being bombarded with the thoughts and emotions (mental and astral energy) of others, just as they are by ours.

Further, there are ambient energies that exist everywhere, by this I mean energies no longer associated with the consciousness that manifested them. It was ambient energies that I perceived in the first two examples and I will explain this in due course.


A number of factors affect how much of the energy we manifest in thoughts and emotions is directed at the object of our attention (the object(s) contained in our thought(s). The primary one being how many other thoughts are connected with the thought. For instance, if I have a thought such as “you have hurt me and I am ticked off because of it” then the energy manifested by the thought is directed towards the person. If this thought is unconnected to any others, though this almost never happens, all of the energy would be directed towards them.

Note that in reality, when we get angry at another and blame them for our circumstances we are not accepting responsibility for our being in that situation in the first place. We are typically under the illusion that what happens to us is beyond our control; this is not the case at all. I will grant you that it appears this way to us, but we attract the experiences we do to learn even if we do not know why. Our experiences are not accidents beyond our control, we are drawn to them because of our karma and the lessons we can learn through them.

When I was younger I got involved with some people who had all kinds of issues. I chose to be involved with them and we were “friends”. I thought I would be insulated from their issues because of friendship; however, when something happened that one of them didn’t like, not that I did anything “wrong” per se, I was assaulted by him.

Yes, he was responsible for assaulting me, but I was also responsible for putting myself in that situation in the first place. I did not know consciously that my choice to associate with him would lead to an assault, nor that this would be a big lesson for me. The fact I wasn’t consciously aware of why I became friends with him does not absolve me of this responsibility. I put myself in that situation and had to accept the consequences of it. Yes, he assaulted me and will have to deal with the karma of doing so; however, I also have to deal with the consequences as well. If I tried to lay all the blame for the assault on him, got angry with him and directing it at them, I will also be directing some of that energy at myself.

I would be directing energy at myself if I blamed him and not taking responsibility for my choice, conscious or otherwise, to associate with him. In this situation, I could also become angry with anyone my mind associates with the decision to become friends with him or people who could have prevented it and did not. I only became friends with him and those he knew after being kicked out of my parents home, so I likely would not have even been in that situation if not for my father’s actions, hence if I blamed my father for throwing me out some of that anger would have be directed at him as well, whether I am aware of it or not. Also, as mentioned, I would also be directing the anger at me as I made the choice to put myself in that situation and there would be an element of self blame involved.


Directed Energy


The reason I shared this example is so that you can see that when we have a negative emotional reaction to an experience we can be directing our anger in all sorts of directions. The more focused my reactionary thoughts are on particular people, the more energy I direct their way. Some will get scattered about where one is when they are angry, more so if my thoughts are not focused on someone or something. The less we focus our negative reactions on someone or something the more energy that gets dumped where we are at the time. Such energies are one source of the ambient energies I referred to above.

So, just what are ambient energies? Ambient energies come from the energies created by the thoughts and emotions manifested by various consciousnesses, be they mineral, plant, animal, humankind or other consciousnesses that do not have physical form. Any thoughts one has also manifest energies, through a form of resonance, on the emotional plane, which activates energies of this type. These activated energies radiate out and if the consciousness that manifested them is capable of having thoughts then these energies are directed towards the object included in the thought. Some of the energy will collect on the objects nearby as well.

To clarify, a crystal radiates energy, but it is not capable of thought as we know it, so the energy is not generally directed towards any object in particular. This gradually changes as you move up the continuum of awareness, from mineral to man. The more a consciousness is capable of thought, the more it is able to direct the energies manifested, though not all energies are directed, some is merely cast off and can become imbedded in nearby objects. The energies cast off become ambient energies.

This is not unlike what happens when one takes a dirty carpet and bangs it to get the dust out. In this case, the dust falls to the ground, with energy it is much the same, though where the dust falls depends on gravity and the wind and so on. When energy is cast off it doesn’t fall, as it is not subject to gravity in the same way physical objects are. Instead what happens is it remains scattered about or if there is already other “anger energy” lying around it will be attracted towards it.

Returning to my example, the anger energy would go towards any person(s) I blamed for the assault and some would be scattered about. If I remained angry then I will be scattering about anger energy everywhere I go and will it collect with any other scattered energy of like kind left by others. Loose scattered energy will not remain in that form for long as without a motivating consciousness to keep it “charged”, the energy will gradually dissipate. However, it will remain and build up and collect in and around physical objects if new energies are added to it before it dissipates. This is how locations develop a “feel” to them. Some places are full of positive energy that has been built up and when you are there you can feel it, the same applies to negative energies.

We are now at the point where we can now look at how such energies (be they thoughts or emotions) can affect us. To do this I would like you to consider that as we go about our lives we manifest energies with every thought we have as does everyone else. This happens continually so that each and every moment a variety of energies have the potential to affect us. If we are a little perturbed about something and happen upon some strong negative energy, the result can turn our perturbation into something much stronger.

In the case of Example #3, where I picked up on the strong thoughts of another, we can actually end up doing something that we never intended. In the example, I might have actually purchased an item I neither wanted nor needed. As a second example of this, say I am with a friend and we run into someone they don’t like. If I perceive their thoughts and like and trust them, I could end up disliking the other person for no other reason than my friend does not. The mind will “invent” reasons to justify disliking the person, some of which may be due to our telepathically picking up why our friend does not like them.

Also, the energies we manifest do affect our aura, so if we get angry then we are adding anger energy to it. This can and does affect our subsequent thoughts. If this influence continues it can affect our overall state of mind. We can become angry people, quick to judge and blame. We can then manifest even more anger energy which can change the course of our lives and have the potential, if they persist, of affecting both our mental and physical health. In addition, if lower astral energy builds up it greatly hampers our sensitivity to energy, which in turn makes it harder for us to clear them.

The thoughts we have that manifest such energies result in karma, and we are affected by energies from without where they are related to our issues (which are related to our karma). If we have no connection with a particular energy, that is we have learned that lesson, then it will not affect us. The bottom line is we will have to deal with the energies we manifest, and external energies that affect us at some point in either this lifetime or another. We are responsible for what we manifest and attract, and at some point will come to understand why we manifested it and cease doing so.

We can reduce the impact of such energies on us by starting to pay closer attention to our thoughts and to our own auric field. To do this it helps to understand more about what we are capable of and then developing these capabilities. This is why, over the course of the many essays I have written, one of the concepts that I have touched on frequently is that of developing our overall “non-rational” awareness.

I have done so deliberately and for two main reasons. First, our belief about the nature of whom and what we are plays a significant role in what we perceive and are aware of. This affects the kind of mind we build which in turn affects what we are able to perceive, our awareness and what issues we manifest. Secondly, it is one of the most powerful tools to have at one’s disposal, especially if we are working on either trying to bring more balance into our lives through either personal or spiritual growth.

The benefits we reap from developing our non-rational or psychic awareness (as some refer to it) are immense. If we are aware of the energies we encounter, as illustrated in my examples, we can begin to deal with them. Unfortunately, most are not really aware, save in very vague way, about that which is non-physical. That is to say, most are not directly or consciously aware of the energies in their aura or those that are around or move through us continually. The consequence of this is that the vast majority of humankind lives their lives as if:

  • We are primarily physical creatures
  • We are separate beings
  • Our thoughts are personal and are neither “things” nor actions

Now, one may be inclined to think that these are not the case for themselves, but if we spend some time considering them we will see that it that they are either in whole or part. This perspective is what keeps one from becoming more sensitive and is why I spoke about it at length in the Awakening Our Gifts (1) series as well as in other essays.

The simple fact is that thoughts about who and what we are we tend to focus on our physicality. And, our casual thoughts reflect this. Namely, we consider what we want, what we want to do, and so forth rather than consciously try to perceive the subtle vibrations in and around us. As a result, our focus tends to remain there.

Our focus in this area is a result of the way we grow up, something I have touched on in numerous essays including the Introduction to the Rational Mind (RM) (2) and the series titled Our Mental House (3).  As children our thoughts build our mental house; however as we age we build far less thoughts and instead using the thoughts we have created, that is we spend more time “living in the house we have built”. Under normal circumstances, it is a combination of our beliefs and a focus on “me” that block most of these energies from our conscious awareness. By this I mean our egocentric view combined with the notion or belief that we are separate and distinct entities from the world around is what blocks our awareness of the energies in and around us. Also, most of us have not developed sufficient sensitivity to energy so that perceiving energy (including our own) is like trying to hear a pin drop in a noisy room. We still perceive them at one level; however, our minds edit them out from our conscious awareness because they are deemed not relevant or they are less important than our own thoughts and feelings (3-4).

Remember that energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be converted AND because energy is vibration, once manifested it remains in motion (or as some would say, it radiates) forever. It is possible to perceive even a subtle thought of someone half way around the world that we do not know. Now, if you consider this then you realize that there is a cacophony of energies surrounding us at all times. This is why we do need our minds to filter out that which is relevant to us else we would lose ourselves in an overwhelming torrent of vibrations.

To become more aware of these energies, we must work on developing our sensitivity to energy. I spoke of this at length in the composition Awakening Our Gifts Part 5: Listening to the Silence (1-4) when I stated:

“A key element of developing our awareness is improving our sensitivity to subtle vibrations. If we have been worked on the other six areas, our minds will be spending less time pre-processing our perceptions. This increases our opportunity to be aware of subtle vibrations.


At this stage you will have already started to notice that you are more aware of other people’s feelings and perhaps even their thoughts or get glimpses of the their past, even they future. We may not acknowledge them yet or make use of what we find ourselves knowing, but we are starting to see more clearly."

I realize that many are not sensitive to such vibrations, in no small due to our tendency to be focused on our next thought rather than what is going on in the moment. Further, we don’t even have a clear handle on our own energy either. That said, we often get a sense of the energies around us, but rarely pay enough attention to be conscious of them directly. We tend to be focusing on what we are thinking and doing at the moment. The result is we gloss over the ones we do perceive because our focus is on our conscious mind and the thoughts we are having at the moment.

We all have growth points and continue to manifest energies of the lower astral plane such as frustration, anger, malice, selfishness, guilt and blame (4) and hate and so forth. We are frequently not aware of them until they become “strong” enough to be noticeable and even then we might not realize it. Part of the reason for this is that our auras contain a lot of different energies which makes distinguishing individual ones difficult. The result is we act on them without realizing we are doing so and they remain in our aura further influencing our choices. This is also why we do not notice the energies around us, ones that also influence our choices.

To deal with this we can focus our efforts in two areas. One is to develop our sensitivity to energy, and the second is to do more maintenance of our aura and even our homes. I have shared ways to increase our sensitivity in a number of essays, and also looked at maintaining our auric field (5). In that essay I listed four acts we can do to help keep our energy field clear of the debris created by our emotional reactions. These four acts are:

  • Resolve our personal issues and imbalances
  • Maintain a constant and solid ground
  • We shield ourselves from influences we are not able to handle
  • We clear the energies that collect on a regular basis

I have examined the first point in many essays so I will not go into it here. I have also covered the second point on grounding, maintaining a constant ground and covered grounding (6). The benefit of being grounded is that, if the ground is solid, it reduces the buildup of negative energies, especially when we have strong reactions to experiences. This helps us keep a clearer mind even when under duress or find ourselves in difficult circumstances.


Visualizing roots to create a ground



The third bullet refers to shielding, which can be of immense value to us as it can prevent us from being influenced by energies we are not able to manage or deal with at the time. I covered Shielding (7) in an essay and exercise (accessible through the essay). If you are unsure I recommend you read both of of these. Should you find yourself feeling energies out of the blue in certain locations be sure to do a quick grounding and then build yourself a shield to insulate you from the energy (assuming it is external to you) otherwise they could adversely affect you. Sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry.

The last one, clearing lower energies that collect in our aura and around our home, is perhaps the most important and is what I will focus on for the remainder of this composition. Our auric field develops as a result of the energies we manifest and what we encounter as we go about our lives. The astral energy we manifest (our emotions) do not simply fade away over time as they do with discarded energy. They will continue to affect us even if we have resolved the imbalanced thoughts that gave rise to them, though their influence will diminish over time. The problem, as I mentioned earlier, is that by not clearing lower or negative energies from our aura we are allowing the energies to persist and they will influence us over time. It is of immense value to us to clear these energies as they manifest or to at least clear them daily. There is an old spiritual saying, “today’s personality is tomorrow’s individuality”, and that means that the influences that persist gradually become more “permanent”.

There are two things we can do to reduce the influence of lower energies on us and they are:

  • Clear the lower energies from our aura on a regular basis
  • Clear the lower energies from our home


The method one uses for clearing either of the above energies are similar. The one caveat on clearing energy in a location is that we must be very careful if there are people, plants or animals at the location when we are doing it. We must make sure we are not pushing energy through them as we are not to manipulate the energies of other conscious life forms without consent as doing is manipulation and this act great deal of karma. The Twin Powers website has both an essay and exercise on clearing that is available to site members (8) and the essay contains a link to the exercise in it.

When we are clearing energy there some key points to be aware of, they are listed below. Be aware that they are also very important and I believe they must be followed when doing any practical energy work. I think you will realize this when you read them.


Your Intent must be clear and unambiguous

The point is critical. We do not set about doing energy work with vague notions about what we intend to do. If you do not have clear intent on what you plan to do, do not start. I cannot be more direct. If we have not articulated our intent then we have no “point” on which to focus our attention when we actually do the work. This not only renders our actions futile, we will also be directing our attention, hence energy in all kinds of directions with no idea what they are.


Any work done is done with the best interests of all in mind

This point, and the next, should be obvious and well known to you already. In regards to them, one must know that there are karmic consequences to all acts based on personal volition. We do not benefit when our acts come at the expense of others or when we are acting out of petty self-interest or for selfish reasons. This includes all our thoughts, conscious or otherwise. We must examine our intent and all thoughts connected to it. We should have this thought firmly in mind when not only in working with energy; we should do so at all times. One should work to eliminate any thoughts that suggest we can benefit at the expense of others. If you believe this is the case, I suggest you may be looking at only side of the ledger.

Certainly, for some energy work this is of less concern; however, if we do not do it all the time we run the risk of missing it some of the time. Do not base the choice of not checking your intent on the idea that you do not need to because you never make a mistake, it is likely you will. Ignorance is not an excuse and does not absolve us, in any way from the consequences of our actions.

We can lie to others and we can hide our thoughts from others, but we cannot hide them from the Cosmos by not sharing them aloud or acting on them. We cannot avoid the reality that as soon as we have a thought it manifests energy. There is no way to bypass this process. Once we manifest energy, we cannot take it back; that is, one cannot do it over again to mitigate the consequences of a choice. This is a consideration I must have even in writing on this topic, given that I will be sharing it with others. I am not immune from the reality that, should people misuse what I am sharing, there are potential consequences to me based on my making that choice.


We must be focused and have our attention on the task at hand

We have touched on the importance of focus and attention when working with energy. If we do not focus, we cannot expect results as we are directing our energies in multiple directions. The power of a thought, the strength of the energies it manifests, is dependent on our attention to it. We improve our attention by reducing the amount of non-conscious thoughts we have. Yes, we have thousands of thoughts every second, most of these at the non-conscious level; however, that does not mean that we are not able to reduce the number significantly. You might even think this is not possible; however, we have allowed our non-conscious mind to do so much on our behalf. This is why I have focused on working through issues and beliefs as they take up a significant portion of our conscious and non-conscious attention.


We must prevent unbalanced emotions or thoughts from affecting our work

The reason we want to avoid unbalanced thoughts or emotions when doing energy work should be obvious. Even when focused on a task, our background thoughts and emotions remain active unless we worked to quiet them. If we are working with energy when we are angry, hurt or frustrated these unbalanced thoughts affect the energy, our attention and focus of course and create secondary vibrations of the lower emotional type that increase our burden, not lighten it. Further, such thoughts can redirect the energies we manifest towards unintended targets.


We must not interfere with another consciousness’s energy

When we are working with energy, intent, focus and attention are important. At the same time, it is critical that we understand that we are not to interfere with the energy of any living thing; doing so without permission has consequences to them and us. Nor can someone resolve us of responsibility by giving us permission to work with his or her energy. Karma is the result of all volition such as ego based or selfish intentions, even non-conscious ones. Nor does the fact that the inexperienced mind is unlikely to do much to harm another absolve us from the consequences. There are actions and consequences, and we cannot circumvent the laws of the Cosmos.

The bottom line is we must not direct or push energies on another without permission. Even when we do have their permission, we must have their highest interests in mind and refrain from manipulating or attempting to manipulate their energy due to ego-based thoughts.


We must be able to understand and deal with all secondary considerations

There can be unintended consequences when we work with energy. Say, for example, we are clearing the energy in our home at a time when others are there. The clearing of the energy can affect them even if we are meticulous in that we did not touch or interfere with them in any way. This is because when we clear the energy we change the energy around them and they may react to it. I mention this not to deter you, rather so you are mindful. Their reaction to the change in energy would not be your “fault”, so long as you did not manipulate their energy or do so with improper intent and you did not use energy of the wrong kind. We will cover this in the exercise. As a result, when we work with energy, our minds must be clear and we must have thought about what we are about to do and any potential outcomes beforehand, not during or after.


Clearing Energy


The overall process for clearing ones energy consists of the steps listed below (8):

  1. Get into the right posture: clearing energy, certainly the first few times, should be done in a meditative posture.
  2. Grounding: one should be grounded whenever they undertake any energy work and it is essential that one do this when clearing energy otherwise they risk clearing the energy from their aura and dumping it in the area around them.
  3. Visualize Your Energy Field: in order to clear your energy you need to visualize your energy field as it is this visualization in you “mind’s eye” that you will work with when you do the clearing. The visualization created must be “married” to your actual energy field. By that I mean that you must mentally link the visualization to your aura so that any work done using the visualization will occur where you intend it to.
  4. Set up the Clearing Energy: The energy one uses to clear the lower vibrations out of their aura is important in that one wants to be using energy that will change or move them. One can use energy manifested by their own thoughts, energy from a higher source or a combination of both. The energy you use can be as simple as a pure white light that is balanced, loving and strong. You must firmly visualize the energy you want to use. I tend to use pure white, luminous energy that has no gaps, spaces or voids within it, and which is unyielding and balanced, though the color is not important as the intent you have as your intent determines the makeup of the energy.
  5. Clearing Your Aura: The actual process for clearing one’s energy is simple in that what we do is draw the energy we have set up down through our aura. We do this slowly and methodically unless you are quite skilled at it, and do so with our attention firmly on our aura. As the energy is drawn down it will meet resistance from lower energies in our aura. These energies can either be converted or pushed down into the earth via the ground you created.
  6. After Clearing: after you have cleared the energy you should not get up right away. Take some time to enjoy being relaxed and at peace. When you do decide to end your work do not get up right away, you must work your way back similar to how one must go through decompression after a deep water dive.


Note: The essay and exercise on the website contain considerable more detail and so if you are intent on working on clearing your aura do consider joining the website as you will not only have full access to both the essay and exercise, you will also have me as a resource to assist you and answer any questions you may have.


One follows a similar process when clearing energy from a location the only difference being that one must project the clearing energy they are working with in order for this to be successful. Also, when clearning energy at a location you must, as I stated above, respect the energy fields of other consciousnesses that may be in the area you intend to clean. I am repeating this as I cannot overstate the importance of our not modifying or manipulating the energy of another consciousness without permission or which might is not in their best or their highest good (and it is not for us to decide what is for their highest good). As for the how one projects energy in order to clear a location (or even to clear ones aura), for better or worse, this is something which can be explained figuratively but not taught through reading , as one’s ability to do this must be developed just like one would exercise physically to increase their strength, endurance or dexterity.

Keeping our energy clear as well as that at our home or perhaps even our office space, is of immense benefit to us in many ways as I have explained.  Besides clearing our energy regularly, both from our aura and our home there are two other acts that are also help us as we grow and develop personally and spiritually, and these two are to be more mindful of our state of mind and our energy throughout our day and at to go over our day before we go to sleep to try to let go of any issues that came up or to at least be aware of them.

It is worth noting that we can use the same method to recharge, invigorate or balance our aura by simply changing the kind of energy we are working with. The effect is similar to that which one can achieve through chakras cleansing. I will not go into chakra cleansing here as there are a number of good resources available through the intranet to assist you in this area. If you should choose to do this make sure that you are dealing with a reputable site, and do not go by how flashy they are, instead look for one that feels right for you. Pick a site that goes into detail about not only the technique but which also provides you with solid background on what chakras are, what they do and how they function.

The two acts I mentioned above go a long way towards helping us not only release negative energies; they also help us to see our personal issues and challenges more clearly. A lot can go on during a day and when we pay attention to what is going on as it occurs, that is we pay attention as covered in the essay Paying Attention to Our Attention (9) and go over our day we make our issues easier to see and to deal with.

I hope I have given you a better idea about what can affect our auras and therefore our mental, emotional and physical well being. I encourage you to consider trying what I have suggested above and believe that if you do it will have a positive effect in your life!


© 2012 Allan Beveridge

Last edited on February 14, 2017


References (*- denotes essays only available to members of the The Twin Powers website):

  1. Awakening Our Gifts Series
    1. Part 1: The Face of Our Challenge
    2. Part 2: The Makings of Mind
    3. Part 3: The Mind We Create
    4. Part 4: Listening To The Silence
    5. Part 5: The One and the ALL
    6. Part 6: Seeing and Knowing
  2. Introduction to the Rational Mind (RM)
  3. Our Mental House Series
    1. Part 2: Thought Dynamics - The Practical Side
    2. Part 3: The Consequences of How We Think
    3. Part 4: What We Are Conscious Of
    4. Part 5: The Affect of Our Thoughts
    5. Part 6: Our Relations With Others
  4. Guilt and Blame
  5. Auric Hygiene – Maintaining Our Energy Field
  6. Grounding
  7. *Shielding
  8. *Centering and Clearing
  9. Paying Attention to Our Attention