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Becoming Conscious

The Power of Perception

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Our reality is not determined by what is perceived, it is determined by our perception of it. Our perceptions are based on our reactions to what we perceived in the past whether we are conscious of it or not. This applies to what we perceive without and within. These perceptions are thoughts that are part of our mind. They do not define who we are, but in a very real way they do delimit what portion of our "true self" we are able to be conscious of.

An awareness of the power that our perception holds over us is the first step in overcoming the limitations it can impose. Once we understand more about the nature of our minds such as what they are, how they process what we perceive and the interplay between the conscious and non-conscious aspects of our minds, the more control we take over it. By doing this we can start to reduce the limitations our minds impose. Exploring our perception and what we can do to gain more conscious control over it is the purpose of the Becoming Conscious series.

Our journey through the hallowed halls of our minds and it's mechanism starts with the first essay in Becoming Conscious series, which is titled "The Power of Perception". Each of the essays in the series is fairly long and so each will be separated into a number of parts. The first part of the Power of Perception essay is titled The Menagerie. Note, there will be links at the end of each essay part to the next or previous part of the series where applicable. 


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