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Puneet Sodhi 

Leaving Footprints on the Sands of Time:

Allan Beveridge


I am not writing the life story of my friend Allan…nor am I familiar with his biographical details…where he was born, his parentage, his siblings and all. Do you need to know all this about a person to ‘know’ him really?

What do I know about Allan after all that I feel like sharing my ‘special knowing’ with the readers? Is it important to articulate that I met him on the Face book about five years back…that I have never met him in person…or have talked to him on phone only once in all these years of our acquaintance…or that I find his tweets, quotations and essays invaluable as far as my Spiritual quest is concerned?

Well, I think I am not going to do anything of this sort….

I am not going to analyze his essays or his writings either, which lie beautifully and meticulously arranged at thetwinpowers.com, his website, nay, the labor of his ‘Love’…his living and pulsating effort to pass on the legacy of his larger than life experiences with all those who have an urge to know the ‘Unknown’.

I wish to celebrate my friend through this humble attempt of mine, for his commitment to humanity is extraordinarily profound!

The underlying imploration and the effortless energy in his words speak of his dedication to his cause, that of doing his ‘part, in this lifetime’ as ardently as he can. The amount of wisdom he churns out daily, remind me of a Natural Spring, bringing forth sparkling gushes of pure water promising to quench the thirst of travelers walking in the deserts of Life, looking for oasis in the middle of their journey towards Self realization…

…and these thirst driven travelers are not disappointed as they savor sips from the source of his Nectar!

His answers are clear.

His concepts are captivatingly comprehensible.

His religion is the religion of ‘Self Discovery’.

His place of worship lies not outside, trapped in walls of brick and mortar but inside the vibrating Cosmos of the ‘Inner Self’.

He believes that there are myriad paths leading to the same Truth, and he endeavors to bring as many such paths to the forefront, as he can through his own writing or through his interactions with the people on similar tracks. He has created an almost worldwide platform through his website, where, seekers from varied ideologies get helpful theoretical as well as practical approaches to move further on their journeys. Ideas are generated and pooled here for the benefit of all those who wish to tread on this trail.

He acknowledges that humongous amount of esoteric knowledge from ancient as well as present day sources is available to the modern man due to technological revolution and yet entreats at the need to be judicious so as not to be overwhelmed by the problem of the plenty. Related to all this, emerges one of the most powerful tools he advocates to sharpen one’s Spiritual Selectiveness and acumen and that is his strong advocacy on the doctrine of MINDFUL AWARENESS!

The cultivation of conscious Mindfulness, according to him helps in clearing the clouded imagination or the blurred half truths.

For those who believe in the theory of Reincarnation and Rebirth, living in complete Mindfulness is extremely important if they wish to regulate their future births.

Spiritual Concepts, according to him have no scope of being grasped in a chaotic or an indistinct manner, but to be followed in accordance to a set discipline… the same discipline that has been governing   the laws of Physics, Chemistry or the whole Cosmos since the Ancient Big Bang Theory!

Allan advocates Meditation for self evolvement. Through his writing, it becomes apparent that he has spent long hours in contemplative as well as passive Meditation. His message, as I have been able to decode through some of our text chatting is that he does not emphasize on set techniques of meditation. According to him, Meditation is not a technique, it is just the condition of ‘passing or sliding into Meditative State’ effortlessly…a state when you are not the doer, but become an effortless and non judging observer, although you might need certain hints to reach this state. You just become Mindfully Aware Non Judgmental Witness of the whole Cosmos! Personal and Spiritual Growth, according to him are not pursuits which can be followed by treading on some set guidelines or a strict regime. They are unlike the courses offered in Educational institutions, where passing certain exams or writing assignments would take you to higher level, as this growth does not have levels in a fixed vertical pattern, for our Minds are unique and they do not have the “structure” which is required for our Arithmetic or Language classes. Here, different approaches work for different people. The destination is the same but the vehicles different people are riding to reach there have different speeds and different mechanisms. The choice of the vehicles is purely personal…nothing right or wrong whether people prefer to use supersonic jet planes or bullock carts!

Our understanding of the Super Consciousness grows surely and certainly when we decide to move and as our Awareness begins to sharpen, we start finding more balance and attunement with the Cosmos. Then the Cosmos starts responding and our conversations with it become more alluring and engaging than any other worldly interactions!

Allan’s work on diverse aspects of Spirituality, be it the discussion on Energy Fields, Forms of Ego, Exercises in Meditation, Esoteric experiences, Blending of the Natural and the Super Natural or bringing  in a balance between the Personal and Spiritual Growth, is simply amazing and methodical to an almost magical degree! How a human can do so much in a limited span of time is miraculous and that too with the balance of an unperturbed Consciousness which, to me is beyond the normal human capacity and insight! Whatever he has produced so far and is constantly engaged in doing every moment of his life has the resonance of a beautifully organized Modern Scripture!

…and what do I know about Allan? Practically not much as compared to his vastness and immensity!

Whenever I try to visualize him the following picture picked up from the Face book smiles back at me, beckoning me to walk along and ‘do what we can’ in this lifetime to give a meaning to our existence…to try to assist and welcome those who are also keen to walk along!!!





…and lots remain unspoken about Allan, as ‘Allans’ cannot be confined to a few hundred words! They are much more than the precincts of any human language!





© 2017 Puneet Sodhi