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Working With Energy

In this section you will find essays related to understanding the dynamics of energy and working with it. Topics include energy dynamics and linkages, developing our sensitivity to and working with energy and keeping our energy clear.

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Developing Sensitivity to Energy


There is far more to our existence than what is apparent through our physical senses. The vast majority of us live our lives completely unaware of this even though every one of us is capable of perceiving far beyond the limited range of our physical senses. The reasons are many, a number of which I have examined at length in various essays and I will not list them here. A significant one is this: when you focus all your attention on one area it is natural that the other areas would atrophy. We can start to reverse this by spending time doing things that do not involve our physical senses.

We get stuck because we have allowed (and I use that term loosely) our minds to be poorly programmed and as a result manifest needs, wants and desires based on what it, our ego has come to want and desire which has us focusing on the external world. To change this we must start to do things that engage our thinking minds less and which do not allow our physical senses to dominate our perception or attention.

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One of the bi-products of our lack of awareness is that we are mostly unaware of the source of the thoughts and feelings we have as well as the consequences of the energies we manifest. We go about our lives having thoughts and feelings while almost completely unaware of the consequences of them. In this case I am not referring to the fact we have them, as that is something I have looked at many times. Instead, I am speaking about what happens to the energies we manifest and how they affect us mostly without our being aware of them. Some might call it blissful ignorance, but that is not accurate. In fact, the energies we manifest are real and affect us and those around us even though we are not conscious of it.

These energies can have a significant effect on us even though we are generally not aware of it. In this composition we will look at why it is important to deal with the energies we manifest, the sources of such energies, how they affect us and what we can do to reduce the affect. To help explain these things I will cite some examples from my life. While I will primarily focus on lower energies, the same principle applies to all such as higher emotions (such as compassion, sympathy, devotion, affection and so on).

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Energy Linkages: Breaking Limiting Bonds


Among the most interesting and at times challenging aspects of our existence are the unseen energies we manifest and their nature. Certainly, many of you have experienced the energy flow between you and another person, or perhaps with other physical objects. This is because any consciousness can ‘connect’ with another; therefore, energy flow is possible and anything that is physically manifest has at its core consciousness at one level of awareness or another. Remember, consciousness precedes chemistry not the other way around. Hence, it is possible to form an energy linkage with anything that has consciousness.

We can form an energy relationship with a person, but we can also do so with an animal, a plant or even our favourite chair. The type and strength of the energy flow possible is dependent on the level of consciousness of the object (which delimits its level of awareness). We can also form linkages with non-physical entities and have natural linkages with the earth, the sun, planets and stars in the heavens. I am not going to cover all of these; my focus for this composition will be on the linkages we form with people because they are the ones that tend to have the greatest influence on us. We can get an understanding of the others when we understand how we form linkages with each other.

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Energy Interactions


The night has fallen and the sun has spoken its last until tomorrow. The moon may not be providing some light to challenge the dark embrace, yet it is a lovely evening. It may be cool, but there is next to no wind, and I will light a fire later to stave off the chill if I head back out.

I was out back with the cat and looked up to watch the moon straining to pierce the clouds. It was not an aggressive push, but an unyielding one by a moon unwilling to silenced and patient enough to wait for its opportunity to shine. I smiled. I let my mind wander and then silenced a couple thoughts that had me looking back on the day. When I did clear my thoughts a question surfaced - “so, what am I going to write out tonight?”

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Auric Hygiene - Maintaining Our Energy Field


One of the most common life challenges we all face is one that is virtually unknown and of which few are aware. If I were to suggest to you that this challenge leads people to get physically ill, to react negatively or out of character to situations they are in or to erupt in emotional outbursts that can have a significant effect on them would you be concerned or at least want to know more about it?

I say it is a strong possibility that you would. Further, you might expect that someone would warn people of this so that they can take precautions. Well, someone might warn you if enough were actually aware of the problem; however, too few are. It does not affect everyone for some, often unknowingly, have found a way to alleviating the potential for problems due to it. So, what is it that can cause so many difficulties? In simple terms, what can and often causes these types of problems is our own energy field.

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