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Energy Linkages: Breaking Limiting Bonds


Among the most interesting and at times challenging aspects of our existence are the unseen energies we manifest and their nature. Certainly, many of you have experienced the energy flow between you and another person, or perhaps with other physical objects. This is because any consciousness can ‘connect’ with another; therefore, energy flow is possible and anything that is physically manifest has at its core consciousness at one level of awareness or another. Remember, consciousness precedes chemistry not the other way around. Hence, it is possible to form an energy linkage with anything that has consciousness.

We can form an energy relationship with a person, but we can also do so with an animal, a plant or even our favourite chair. The type and strength of the energy flow possible is dependent on the level of consciousness of the object (which delimits its level of awareness). We can also form linkages with non-physical entities and have natural linkages with the earth, the sun, planets and stars in the heavens. I am not going to cover all of these; my focus for this composition will be on the linkages we form with people because they are the ones that tend to have the greatest influence on us. We can get an understanding of the others when we understand how we form linkages with each other.

You may wonder how or perhaps why this is relevant, and this is a perfectly valid question. To answer it I will ask you to answer a question and your answer to it should answer the question of why this is relevant. Have you ever had an issue with someone, based on an experience where strong emotions were involved and you cannot seem to let go of the thoughts you have about it?

The source could an experience(s) with an abusive parent, a friend who caused us anguish or the harm caused by a stranger. We may not be conscious of these thoughts and feelings all the time, but they are there and when we think of that person or the event, the thoughts and emotions come rushing back. Past events tend to be most troublesome for us when the experience involves anger, hurt or some other form of pain, physical or otherwise. Do you see how this might be relevant now?

These kinds of reactions are the result of our having manifested an energy linkage with the person. I defined an energy linkage as follows (“Energy Linkages” (1)):

An energy linkage is another term for an energy connection, a form of chord if you will, that binds us to a time, concept, thing, place, person or event. Though I use the word chord, the actual “form” of the energy that makes up the linkage as well as how we perceive it can vary immensely. There are other types of linkages, but they are not the concern here. Further, we will be looking primarily at external linkages we form with other people. That said, one can apply the same principles to other types of linkages be they internal (based on a time, belief or concept) or external (places, things and events).


To explore how we can go about releasing or letting go of energy linkages, some background information is required. We will step back a bit to lay the foundation elements that are part of any interaction, and then look at those that manifest linkages.

Throughout our lives, we experience many things. Every experience we have leads to a reaction, which either activates existing thoughts or leads to the manifestation of new ones. In turn, each thought evokes an emotion. Each of these is an action and which is another experience. However, we do not just react to the focus of our attention, when we have an experience; we react to every aspect of the experience.

The dynamics of our reactions to experiences are nearly infinitely complex, at least they appear that way to the thinking mind. Do not let this deter you in any way, as our non-thinking mind is quite capable of navigating even this level of complexity. The quality we want to develop in ourselves is trust in our inherent ability to do so.

To get an understanding of the factors that affect our reaction to experiences we will look at the stimuli in play during a simple interaction with someone where there are no issues in play and we are not close to them. Obviously, the aspects of such an experience include the interaction itself; however, we must consider everything within ones field of awareness and not just local factors. Remember, awareness is the ability to react to a stimulus; therefore, we react to the totality of everything that occurs during our simple conversation. As a reference guide, this totality includes the following:


  • Physical Sensations: what we see, the background scenery, what we hear outside of the conversation, what we smell, the sensations we feel with our body and even the taste in our mouth
  • Internal Non-Physical Energies: our aura, existing thoughts, emotions, our incarnate core self (soul or spirit) and our higher self
  • Local Non-physical Energies: the non-physical energies we experience; the energy around us, their energy (the parts of their aura that we come in contact with as well including their thoughts and emotions) and the energies of anyone or anything around us at the time
  • Non-local Non-physical Energies: the energies of people we are connected with, even if they are not present during the conversation as well as group energies and the individual energies of others not present during the experience
  • Natural Energies from Physical Sources: the energy radiated by the earth, and other Cosmic bodies such as the planets and constellations
  • Natural energies from Non-physical Sources: the energies such as those which flow through our chakras
  • Non-physical Entities: entities or evolving consciousnesses that do not have a physical form


The above list is comprehensive though not ranked in any particular order as not all have equal influence on our reaction to a given experience. Further, the ones that have the most influence on our reactions will depend on the circumstances and the elements of the experience. Some will influence the strength of our reaction, others the type. Generally, the most prominent influences are our physical sensations, internal non-physical energies, local non-physical energies and non-local non-physical energies.

In our example of a simple conversation, it is unlikely that we will do much more than react casually to the conversation. We may find ourselves considering the words and react to them, but generally our reaction does not result in any significant shift in our energy nor create a negative energy link. If we enjoy the conversation our energy may become more open to them and our thoughts could direct energy going towards them, if not, we may send a small amount of energy their way, though nothing significant. This changes when we have a relationship with them or the exchange results in a strong emotional reaction on our part.

When our reaction to an experience is strong, the energies in play and their dynamics are significantly different. There are two primary components to the energy. One is it’s affect on our energy, that is the thoughts trigger an emotional component within our aura, the other is the energy we direct towards the person involved in the experience. Further, the energies that play the greatest role in the dynamic are our internal non-physical energies and local non-physical energies.

In the essay “Energy Linkages”, I explained this as follows:

Most casual thoughts lack the power to reach the object as a directed thought form. When they do have sufficient vibrancy, they reach the person and tend to hover around them. This does not constitute a linkage; further, the energy will hover around them, likely unnoticed consciously. The energy can do more than hover if the person permits access, typically non-consciously. Access depends on what thoughts the person has, though some people are so open that they allow others near unfettered access.

Typically, only strong, persistent or powerful thoughts charged by strong emotions or directed energies have the potential to form links; however, less strong thoughts can also create linkages if they continue for a long enough period.


"We manifest a link with someone when there is reciprocation of energy. This typically requires strong charged or prolonged interactions between two people and possibly more people, though it is not a requirement. Nor does it require an identical energy, only ones related to each other through a response to it or from commonalities between them. For example, if two people of like minds though differing levels of awareness interact, the energy of their thoughts flows between them, though not necessarily on the same plane. This is the initial stage of a link, movement of energy. It will form a link if there is sufficient commonality between them, regardless of their levels, and enough energy from both ends to maintain it afterwards, otherwise it will fade.

Repeated interactions between people create tenuous links; sustaining them requires constant reinforcement. Where an interaction leads to the manifestation of strong emotional, spiritual or other types of energy, the link may be strong enough to keep ones attention after afterwards. Energy follows attention, nor does the attention have to be conscious.

Once there is energy flowing both ways the energies interact. This affects both energies and draws other energies into the flow. The resultant flow of energy therefore is to a certain extent, independent of either party. Even when the energies take on these secondary motions we remain connected to them as one source of their vibrations is the energy of our thoughts. This is a very strong commonality.”


You can see from the above, that when we react strongly, generally in anger, we can manifest a link. As mentioned, how long the link persists is dependent on the strength of our reaction as well as how long the thoughts that manifest the anger persist and the nature of the other persons reaction. One experience alone is unlikely to manifest a powerful linkage; however, this changes when family or friends are involved or the experience is very traumatic.

Strong reactions alone can manifest a linkage; however, when these experiences involve people with whom we have a history, existing linkages and thoughts about them will factor in. For instance, if we have been having issues with someone and then the experience leads to a very strong reaction, we draw the other issues we have with them (and their associated energies) into the interaction. If those other experiences created a linkage the energies can become very strongly entwined and reinforce each other.

The figure below is a very crude diagram; however, it is sufficient to give you a generalized idea of what an energy link is. In the diagram, P1 and P2 refer to people and the circles their auric fields. The black lines represent the link we forge with another, though the shape of it can vary dramatically. In addition, the red lines represent our reaction, say anger that we direct at them, and that they direct back at us. The other lines, yellow, grey and orange represent other issues (even linkages) we may have with the person that can become part of the link we are manifesting, ones such as I described in the previous paragraph. Do notice that the lines terminate within the two auric fields, that that is where the links terminate.


Figure: Generic representation of an energy linkage

Consider the following quote, also from the essay on energy linkages:

“If we empowered a strong linkage, it will remain even if we are not paying conscious attention to it. Further, so long as the vibrations that led to it persist in us, for example the higher emotions of caring, sympathy and compassion on or the lower ones such as jealousy, envy, or anger, the link will remain active and charged. Do note that links do not vanish on their own; they will still be there unless we remove them by completely clearing the issue that gave rise to as well as to any associated thoughts that become entwined with it.”


The key element in linkages, are the thoughts that gave rise to them, reinforcing thoughts from previous experiences and the nature of the energy these thoughts manifested. This is what makes them so challenging to release.

"To work with directly with energy linkages one must be able to sense the distinctive energy of the linkage itself or be consciously aware of all the thoughts and feelings associated with it. Typically, one does not set about hunting down links by scanning their energy though it is possible to do this; it requires one have a very high degree of sensitivity. We use the same method to find links as we do to find thoughts that give rise to an emotion we experience, that is we use the energy of our emotional reactions to lead us back to the source thought(s). This is the same regardless of whether the link is positive or negative.”


Determining the energies involved in an energy linkage is the most difficult challenge we face in releasing them. That said, we could release an energy linkage by forgiving the person. This is not something magical, though it appears that way. It occurs because we when truly forgive someone for harm we feel they have caused us, whether our feelings are justified or not, what happens is we have modified the thought(s) that gave rise to the emotions we manifested and released all the associated pain, thereby breaking the energy linkage.

Using forgiveness or any other method to break a linkage is easiest to do when it is associated with a single event or perhaps a small number and the energy is primarily what we have created. The reason is simple, there are less entanglements and we can ‘get our head’ around all the associated thoughts, even ones associated with how the event affected our imagined future.

Do note that saying ‘I forgive you’ is not necessarily the same thing as actually forgiving them. I have heard people say such things as “I forgive you but I won’t forget what you did” or “I forgive you but do not do it again” or other variations. Any of these indicates that you have not forgiven them. Forgiveness is unconditional and so if you cannot say, “I forgive you” with no further thoughts about it whatsoever than all you have done is add thoughts rationalizing the events. True forgiveness comes with no expectations whatsoever.

Earlier I mentioned how complex the energy dynamics can be; however, when we feel all the energies associated with a thought(s) our mind is perfectly capable of unraveling the intricacies. Therefore, we do not have to calculate them or try to imagine each thread within them. Developing this degree of sensitivity can take time. Nonetheless, it is possible to do so. Again, the challenge lies in the number of thoughts associated with the linkage.

We have touched on how previous experiences affect the manifestation of a linkage including thoughts associated with how we think the experience has affected our future. Say, we feel that someone not only hurt us in the moment, perhaps adding to prior hurts, it also affects the future we have imagined. For example, someone who acts in a way that altered the course of our life as we saw it unfolding. The thoughts related to this will also become part of the linkage. This is why the energies involved in linkages can be a combination of a number of things. and also why why some issues persist for years leaving us to continually deal with the fallout.

One of the additional challenges to resolving energy linkages is when there is energy coming at us from the other person. If two people have a confrontation, the linkage is comprised of our energy as well the energy of the other person’s reaction to us and their energies reaction to our energy. This adds a level of challenge that even forgiveness is challenged to deal with.

When we have thoughts of anger and direct them at another, energy goes towards them. Whether the energy actually gets into their auric field depends on how vulnerable they are to the energy. This changes when two people are in a confrontation. In this case, by sending energy at them, we have opened ourselves up for energy to return along the same path. The way the energy moves depends on the person sending it. For instance, the energy may take the form of a spear, a wave of tiny spikes, a wave of energy or even a penetrating cloud. From then on, the energies that move along the link will do so in this fashion.

To clear such linkages we need to do a number of things, including letting go of our side of it, removing the energy the other person has directed at us and neutralizing the link. In addition, if we have had more than one encounter with the person, likely if it is someone we know well or perhaps an abusive family member, each encounter can forge a separate link.

There is a way to clear energy linkages. I will not cover the procedure in detail here. What I will do is explain the process at a high level. I will be adding an exercise to The Twin Powers website to help people develop the awareness needed for the process as well as the type of sensitivity needed to work with energy linkages and either an essay or video explaining the process in more detail.

This process can help us do two things. First, we can eliminate the link; second release or modify our thoughts, the ones that led to the links manifestation in the first place. If we cannot release our thoughts, we can still break the link they have forged with us and remove the energy they have imbedded in our auric field. Ideally we would like to do both; however, we at least want to break the energy link that binds us to the other person.

This process takes a fair amount of time and involves a number steps as follows:

  1. Get into a meditative posture: We are far more sensitive to subtle energies when we are in a meditative posture as well as grounded, cleared and centered. This is critical for we do not want to be reacting to the energies we will be working with else we will be reacting to the energies rather than acting on them. This will sabotage our efforts.
  2. Bring the image of the person we have the link with into our awareness: The image is needed to help us locate and isolate the energies associated with the linkage
  3. Think about the issue we have with the person: When we do this, we can discern the energy of the thought and/or emotions that gave rise to the linkage.
  4. Visualize the link: We allow our sensitivity to “show us” the link. We may see the link though it is more likely we will feel it. We need to explore this to get a feel for nature of the energy flow
  5. Isolate the energy of the link: Once we have visualized the link we need to explore it to get to know the energy it is made of
  6. Modify our thoughts that led to the link: To clear the issue, as in forgive them; we need to accept their and our ignorance. We also need to realize that the link we created serves no positive purpose and that being in the "past" it can only restrict us (recognize that the past is something we actually carry with us now). If we cannot do this at the time, we should continue to work on it as it is possible that the link will eventually reform.
  7. Discern the nature of the way their energy is connected to ours: The energy may take any form, we must be sure that we know it’s type else we will not be able to break the link or remove the energy from our energy field.
  8. Remove the energy of the link that is in our auric field: Knowing the nature of the energy and the type of link, we must scan our entire auric field to find all traces of the energy. If the link takes on the form of a spear we must be careful that we do not, figuratively speaking, yank it out for it could splinter and leave “shards of energy” in our field. We then systematically neutralize the energy throughout our aura.
  9. Break the connection: We must sever the link with them; we do this by neutralizing the energy of the link. Ideally, we should also remove any of our energy that we have embedded in them for it can be causing them issues. It is not necessary that we do this, and if you cannot do not concern yourself with it overly much.
  10. Check our field to make sure we did not miss any “pieces”: If we do not clear ALL the energy embedded in our field the link will reform quite quickly


This process works regardless of whether we know where the person is at the time. If our visualization of them is solid then it will be sufficient to provide a direct connection to them regardless of where they are. It is important to remain neutral throughout this process, else as I mentioned it will be ineffective. Attaining neutrality is critical, and that is why being successful at step six may be necessary to remove the link. This will be hard if we cannot accept that it was our own ignorance as well as theirs that led to creating the link in the first place. There is nothing "wrong" with disliking someone or what we perceive they have done to us, what we want to do is terminate the link for it is restrictive and binds us to them.

When we forge a link with a person, it continues even if they have passed away. The link changes when this happens, but their passing does not end the link. What changes is there is no more energy coming towards us from them, and other end of the link is broken. The energy they send along the link before they passed will remain in our energy field; hence, we use the same process even if the other person is no longer alive.

I know that the above process may seem difficult, and I will not suggest that it is easy. Just being aware of the process at a high level can help us to realize what steps we take to end a linkage. Our minds can take advantage of this knowledge and lessen the influence of them on us. Forgiveness is not easy; neither is working directly with the linkages. However, the alternative is to live with the link for the rest of our days, as when we activate a thought that is connected to the linkage we can become aware of it or feel it if we are paying attention. Earlier I listed an number of elements of an experience, hence any of these that are associated with the experience that led to the linkage can also activate it. That includes smells, tastes and so on.

I mentioned we can form links with anything, this includes concepts and even beliefs, though the nature of the energy we manifest and how it affects us is different. For example, we can become bound to a concept or a belief though this will not necessarily result in energy directed back at us, though it is possible for this will occur.  The circumstances where it can is if the belief we are linked to is an external one that others share, for their energies will be associated with the belief and they can connect to us. This happens with religious, political or any other shared thought forms. This can happen when we “buy in” to one form of groupthink or another.

We can also create a form of linkage when someone has angered us, even if there is no reciprocation. In this case, the link is to an imagined person, and all the aspects of the linkage are within our auric field. To clear such links we do not have to worry about the other person's energy, we do have to focus on Step 6, as it is our own thoughts that are causing us issues. These can be as hard to release as any other linkage, especially when it includes righteous indignation and blame.

I do hope that I have given you some ideas to consider, ones that will help you to find a way to release some of the energies you may have tied up in linkages. In addition, as mentioned, being aware of linkages can keep you from forming new ones. If you suffer a traumatic experience, or have an experience and manifest strong emotions, try not to allow them to build, do not direct your emotional energies at another person or let them get their hooks in you as a result. Remember, it takes two for this tango.


© 2012 Allan Beveridge

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