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Auric Hygiene - Maintaining Our Energy Field


One of the most common life challenges we all face is one that is virtually unknown and of which few are aware. If I were to suggest to you that this challenge leads people to get physically ill, to react negatively or out of character to situations they are in or to erupt in emotional outbursts that can have a significant effect on them would you be concerned or at least want to know more about it?

I say it is a strong possibility that you would. Further, you might expect that someone would warn people of this so that they can take precautions. Well, someone might warn you if enough were actually aware of the problem; however, too few are. It does not affect everyone for some, often unknowingly, have found a way to alleviating the potential for problems due to it. So, what is it that can cause so many difficulties? In simple terms, what can and often causes these types of problems is our own energy field.

That our own energy field could cause such problems may surprise you. You may be inclined to shrug your shoulders or shake your head and say to yourself “this is not a problem for me”. To that, I say unless you have taken conscious steps to keep your aura in clean condition then it is a potential problem. My observations tell me that all too few, even those that may be aware of the problem, know what to do to deal with it. Therefore, today we are going to look at some basic methods for taking care for our energy field that can have a positive and very beneficial influence on others and us.

There are many reasons why most of us do not do this well, far too many to name here, though I have touched on a number of them in other essays and compositions. Among the most influential reasons are that we do not pay a great deal of attention to our energy field nor do  we understand the dynamics of thoughts and emotions as they pertain to our aura.



Thoughts are “things” just as physical objects are. Grasped this, and I do not mean intellectually or conceptually, is the easy part. I mean we know and act with the awareness that they are. By such awareness, I am referring to the ability to “grokthe concept. The term “grok” is one Robert A. Heinlein coined in the novel “Stranger in a Strange Land”. This definition from Wikipedia sums it up fairly well:

“Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science—and it means as little to us (because of our Earthling assumptions) as color means to a blind man.”

We do not grok our inherent nature and as a result, we do not consider our auras often enough, nor that the energy associated with our thoughts and feelings are “things”. While, at some level, we are aware of this, our thoughts of physical separateness define our relationship with the world around us. We know how to keep our bodies clean and why we do so, all we need do is extend this to our energy field.

We clean our body because it gets dirty. Some of the dirt we pick up from outside of ourselves, such as from our physical environment or from the people we interact with (such as germs and so on) and some is from our own bodies such as sweat. Our aura is a body; just not a physical one and we tend not to pay it much attention. Unless one is sensitive to non-physical energy, it is unlikely that one even consciously perceives it.

You would be wise if, at this point, you wonder how does one go about dealing with a problem related to an aspect of themselves of which they not likely consciously aware? The answer would be by becoming at least aware of how the issue comes to be, its sources or sources, and some ways to mitigate it that work regardless of whether one is “gifted” with the ability to perceive auras.

The issue happens because, as mentioned, we do not consider our aura very often. Sure, it comes up in conversations, but that is not the same as actually being aware of it more than intermittently. You are aware of your hands and feet because you can see them, feel them and touch them and not just because you use them all the time. We do not teach our children about their non-physical energy field because so few know much about it and it is not something that science has been able to verify or “prove” exists. Hence, people carry on unaware of its impact on their physical and mental health.

To help you take a more active role reducing negative energy in your aura I will cover the following four topics:

  • Our Auric or Energy Field (AF) - fully covering this topic is outside of the scope of this essay
  • Influences on our AF
  • How various influences affect our AF
  • Protect ourselves from external and internal influences



Our Energy Field

Our energy field is comprised of multiple levels of energy and it is “integrated” with our physical self through matter that is not physically measurable (at least not definitively at this time). In general, one can consider their aura to be comprised of very high-level energies sometimes referred to as our causal body, mental or thought energies, emotional energies and those that connect us to our bodies such as the lowest levels of the astral plane and our etheric web.

Our Rational Mind (RM) is also part of our auric field (AF); hence, our thoughts like our emotions are included in it. Everything we do affects some or all of these planes of energy that make up our aura. We perceive an aspect of our emotional or astral body when have a thought or “feel” an emotion, though we may not be consciously aware of nor generally “see” them, unless we came in with this awareness or have developed it. In addition, any new thoughts we manifest, and the feelings they give rise to, through integration of experiences, adds new vibrations to our AF. Therefore, our AF reflects who we are at any particular moment in time. Active thoughts trigger emotions and those who are sensitive to these energies can perceive the shifts in the field, primarily those on the surface of it.

Our AF has within it energies of all the planes and sub-planes, some of which require a very high level of awareness to perceive. Nevertheless, the combination of all our capabilities of expression, all our memories, active thoughts and emotions occur within our AF. The energies within our AF are not static, nor independent.


Influences on our AF

A high-level summary of potential influences on our AF are as follows:

  • Our physical bodies and the energy field associated with it
  • The energies within our aura itself
  • Our thoughts, conscious or otherwise
  • Natural energies that flow everywhere
  • External thoughts and emotions of others
  • Disassociated or “free” thoughts and emotions
  • Energies of other evolving consciousnesses
  • The native energies in the place we find ourselves



Our bodies can affect our emotions and thoughts as any women or anyone who has taken any drugs knows. In this case, our bodies manifest the emotions that then force a “reverse” resonance. The result of this effect is an activation of any thoughts that would normally give rise to that particular emotion. Certain drugs, for instance, can trigger feelings of fear and paranoia that in turn active thoughts that we have associated with these emotions. Awareness of this can be helpful as we can do some things to mitigate what appears to us to be uncontrollable emotions and thoughts.

Our aura itself influences our thoughts and emotions as the energies within it are not still, they constantly interact. Our memories are also a part of it; hence, there is a constant interplay between current experiences, our reaction to and integration of it and our memories. You could liken our aura to our personality; the basis of how we act and react moment by moment is dependent on state or composition of our aura.

We react to what we experience and so the thoughts and emotions we manifest as a result become part of our AF. The type of thoughts we have and the emotions they stir up radiate, for lack of a better word, throughout our AF. It is important to note that thoughts and emotions have their own particular plane or wavelength if you would like, such that low-level thoughts do not directly affect a higher-level ones.  The same holds true for emotions. Feelings of anger, for example, do not necessarily affect feelings of affection, though they can influence each other.




Another influence on us, and therefore on our AF, are the thoughts and emotions of others. Energy radiates and when someone is physically nearby or we have an energy connection to them (in which case distance is not relevant) their thoughts and feelings interact with our AF. There is no avoiding this though one can block some or even most of these energies out if they have developed the skills to do so.

When we have a thought or feel an emotion, it radiates out. This radiant energy is not part of our aura, though it has attributes from us that relate it to us. This is because when energy interacts or is influenced it takes on a portion of the influencing energy as an attribute. If you understand the influences on a particular “piece of energy”, you perceive you perceive its original energy prior to those influences.

We are not the only awareness’s that exist. Anything that has manifested at the physical plane has some form of consciousness associated with it. In addition, there are other consciousness’s that do not have physical form. One example would be energies referred to as elementals. Elementals are on the involutionary arc (descending into matter); by contrast, we are on the evolutionary arc. We acquired the various bodies or vehicles we have on the involutionary arc and are now evolving by learning how to use them. In the normal course of things, elementals have little impact on us, though they can affect us. Even though this is something to consider, it is beyond the scope of this piece. I just wanted you to be aware that there are energies that do not have a physical component or aspect.

Earlier I mentioned that there are disassociated thoughts and emotions. These are like the molecules of the air we breathe, though once the influence of the motivating energy that manifested them subsides they will collect in areas where energies of a similar type have “come to rest”.

These energies can build up and thereby become stronger. They do not have consciousness and can act in a fashion dependent on their type and what attributes they have. Over time, they will break down and lose their cohesion, if not reinforced. How long this takes depends on the nature of the energy and the amount of energy imparted at their creation. It is also dependent on where they settle. For instance, a forest will convert energy back to its constituent elements far more quickly than that which settles on a building as the forest has consciousness, albeit rudimentary compared to ours, and energy flows that will reduce these disassociated energies to their base elements far quicker than happens in man-made objects.


How various influences affect our AF

Energy acts on energy of like kind or any that it shares a commonality with; hence, any energy that we encounter with that we have in our AF or which we share a commonality has the potential to affect us. If we have a certain emotion or even thoughts within our AF and we encounter the same or similar one from any of the aforementioned sources then those within our AF will be “stimulated” by them.

The degree to which they can influences us depends on numerous factors such as the strength of the energy, how much of it we have within our AF, commonalities between the energy and energies within our AF, how interconnected it is within us, how conscious we are of the thought or emotion and so forth. If one has a great deal of compassion, for example, and encounters this energy, it can stir up their compassion. A compassionate person can also react to lower energies by resisting it as well. Simply be aware that we cannot destroy energy, we can only convert it, and that it acts based on its nature.

As mentioned above, every thought we have, conscious or otherwise, affects our emotional body, as do the energies thoughts and feelings of those around us and the latent energies of where we are physically.  When we have a thought, our aura is affected.


Protect ourselves from external and internal influences

Energy is never still, movement begets movement. It is in constant motion and interacts with energies of like kind. It does not matter if the source is internal or not. The potential for energies to influence us depends on their strength or vibrancy. Internal energies that we manifest have a high potential to do so, as do strong external energies. Some of these energies are of the lower astral, what one would call negative emotions. We should remove these energies from our AF.

As we go about our day, we have thoughts that trigger emotions and encounter other energies. These energies collect in our AF. If they persist and build up, their influence on us will grow. We are concerned primarily with negative emotions and imbalanced thoughts. In general, the way we maintain our “auric hygiene” is by doing the following:

  • Resolve our personal issues and imbalances
    • Energy with which we share no commonalities cannot affect us. Obviously, activation of our own anger can occur if someone is angry around us or we are at a place where this energy has collected. Clearing the source of our own anger eliminates our susceptibility to it.
  • Maintain a constant and solid ground
    • Energy builds up if it has no place to go. This occurs when we are not grounded or hold onto thoughts or emotions. Keeping our aura clear of some of the lower energies and especially of those we manifest throughout the day is very beneficial. People who erupt in anger are not grounding, and in some cases deliberately hold onto them so they can vent them in outburst. This is something we learn to do and so it can be unlearned.
  • We clear the energies that collect on a regular basis
    • We can and should “go through” our aura regularly to remove the build up of energies that have collected and which we may not have let go of or grounded away. For example, when we are angry we generate lower emotions, these do not simply vanish on their own though they can fade over time. The more anger we have the more the energy accumulates and the greater their influence on our thoughts, emotions and AF.
  • We shield ourselves from influences we are not able to handle
    • We cannot always clear our issues, so at times it is beneficial to shield ourselves from outside influences that can active them. We must remember what influences we shield against as so that we can take the shield down when it is no longer required.



We all should take ownership over the health of our energy field just as we do with our bodies. We ought to do this for any influences that persist will affect our personality and eventually our individuality. If you do not want a certain influence to affect who you are then you should act to prevent this.

I have written on the areas outlined above in previous Thoughts of the Day and on The Twin Powers Website. To assist you in understanding them I have provided links to those essays and compositions below. The list is not exhaustive, but should be sufficient to help you if you are unclear or uncertain about any of the above concepts.

One of the biggest hurdles you will face is the belief that what I have mentioned here is not relevant or not a concern. This can lull one into a false sense of security for ignorance is not necessarily bliss. I believe that if you consider and pay attention to what I suggest you will benefit in both the long and short term. Your energy is yours to deal with and if you give your AF more attention, you will find your thoughts and feelings are clearer, you will less subject to emotional outbursts, more balanced in the moment and less influenced by the energies you encounter.


© 2011 Allan Beveridge

Last edited September 15, 2016


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