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This section contains poems that have a spiritual perspective to them or which relate to life, self or growth. Some may be included simply because they are, for example, relaxing or inspiring Smile

A New Reality

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Walk the thin line

Seems like the world to you.

Can't see left or right,

But what can you do,

what can you do...

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Say Hello

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*Note: This is a song lyric, the bolded section is the Chorus


What's this distance between us?

A gulf that we cannot cross?

Why does it seem forever?

Are we truly lost?

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My Conductor

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The mist that moves with morning

Slowly peels itself from the lake

I steer my canoe - I ride through it

As a new day comes awake

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Just One of the Dancers

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The taste of the dream can be strong

But it's still not real living

Let it cloud up the mind - you lose

To a world most unforgiving

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An Old Echo

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There will be times

When one must speak in riddles

And ever shifting paradoxes

To cleave through the mists

And recast the shadows and the light

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