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A New Reality

Twin Powers Logo *Note: This is a song lyric, the bolded section is the Chorus


Walk the thin line

Seems like the world to you.

Can't see left or right,

But what can you do,

what can you do...


Inch along the way

Follow your heart, I suppose

You can ask around,

Seems no one knows,

no one knows.


Use your ears to more than hear

Use your eyes to more than see

Find the rhythm in life,

And find the new reality.


There are clues a plenty

Only the questions are hard

But if you don't ask

It's a pick of the cards,

a pick of the cards. 


Dust off your pants

For another - go around, ya

Don't know what you've found,

What you've found


Just trust your guides,

Listen when they speak

'cause the one who finds 

Is the one that seeks,



© 1994 Allan Beveridge