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Just One of the Dancers

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The taste of the dream can be strong

But it's still not real living

Let it cloud up the mind - you lose

To a world most unforgiving


Yet you can't wait on your hopes

It doesn't give the dream a chance

Lend hands to those eyes - or vision

It will pass like a glance



You have to go for it

When you hear the call

Don't let it go unanswered

`cause if you don't write the play

You're just one of the dancers

You're just one of the dancers


Take the image that's in your head

And lead it to the reigns

Sometimes you have to take a chance

Or nothing will ever change


Don't be just another silhouette

Another shadow upon the wall

Too afraid to move - to take that step

Too scared in case you fall


This life is meant for living

Not for giving up to age

I only know one way to win

And that's break free of the cage


© 1994 Allan Beveridge