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Say Hello

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*Note: This is a song lyric, the bolded section is the Chorus


What's this distance between us?

A gulf that we cannot cross?

Why does it seem forever?

Are we truly lost?


I've known fear - know it now,

Now it's at you too.

But, think on it a minute

You know what to do ... say hello


Open your hand if you can

Don't be so afraid to let go.

All the miles between us fade,

To be gone when you say hello.


Ain't no crime in privates, no.

It's in passionate pain.

Let it get its grips on you

You'll find it loves to go again


We are less than the sum of our parts

That's where we start

There's no need to heed what shows,

All you got to do is say hello


Don't be afraid

That's not the song being played

The heavy hand is better stayed

Don't be afraid ... just say hello ...



© Allan Beveridge