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These essays are written specifically to aid in growth both personally and spiritually. The essays look closely at such challenges as self examination, guilt and blame, developing our spiritual foundation and dealing with negative cycles.

Understanding Cycles Part 3

Working Towards Resolution

Twin Powers Logo In the first two parts we looked at cycles in general and then explored some of their attributes, ones that all cycles have. They are useful in helping us to notice and become more aware of the cycles in our lives, so that we can try to resolve the negative ones and perhaps enhance or continue the positive ones. Noticing them gives us the opportunity to focus on the issues causing the cycles rather than trying to clear the cycle by resolving individual issues as they arise. While the latter method can work it is a far slower process in part because not all the issues we deal with will be part of a negative cycle.

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Understanding Cycles Part 2

Attributes of Cycles

Twin Powers LogoWe began our look at cycles in part one where we talked about cycles, what they are and how they are created as well as the roles they play in our lives. We touched on there being both natural and man-made cycles, where the man-made variety are the cycles we manifest ourselves through our thoughts and the consequences of them. It is negative cycles of the latter variety that we are focusing on.

The complexity of all the vibrations in the Cosmos let alone that of our mind and the energies we manifest renders cycles virtually impossible to categorize. There are cycles that last aeons and those that come and go in a flash and we are affected by them as we are by the cycles we create ourselves. There is an old saying, “As above, so below”, hence cycles occur at every level of creation. This is also why finding and dealing with the ones we manifest is difficult and there is no formula or single process to work on them. However, as I have said before, our mind is incredibly powerful and we do not need facts and details to make change happen. If we can identify a cycle and then examine it in more detail we can find its source.

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Understanding Cycles Part 1

Twin Powers LogoOne of the facts of life is that through living we create energies that affect us. Our experiences and thoughts have consequences one of them being we can start to repeat them. The repetition leads to a continuation of the experiences and thoughts and the subsequent interactions. If the repetition persists it is very likely we will create cycle where we continue to experience them. This may sound ominous but it shouldn't be. We all go through them and we even have more than one going at any given time. When the consequences are positive we want them to continue, and build upon them. Keeping a positive cycle going is as challenging as stopping one that is not beneficial. We will examine those cycles that we perceive as problems for us, though it is important to note that the concepts and ideas apply to both. This is why we can take the same approach when we look at either case.

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Time To Weigh Anchor


We rarely question things when life is going well, when we have a certain measure of balance, harmony and joy in our lives. When things are going well, on the personal side of life, we tend to be enjoying what we are doing at the moment and spend less time concerned about the future or the past. On the spiritual side, we rarely question things when we feel connected to the world around us, we are more empathic, telepathic and clairvoyant though often in ways we may not realize.

Of course the converse is also the case; life is not going “good” by our definition when we are out of harmony and find more frustration, disappointment, hurt or anger than joy. For those on a more spiritual path, things are not going so well when we struggle to feel or further develop the connection we have with everything, to sense beyond the capabilities built into our physical self or to find the moment. We can also find ourselves feeling disconnected from our daily lives and the people around us. This puts us out of step and can lead to lower emotions compounding our challenges.

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What the Gods Made for Play


“Forget the future; it’s far too easy to dream. Forget the past, those chains only keep you bound in the realm of memory, as One cannot reach the new by dragging the limits of old” ~ Alistar Valadez

People hear this type of statement in one form or another frequently. While some understand what he is trying to say, many miss the depth of meaning such simple yet elegant statements can convey. The above statement, like others you will find in this essay, is from a short passage written by a young friend of mine, someone who is on the path of awakening. I chose this particular piece of that passage to open this essay because the message within it is something I have written about many times, in whole or in part, and for good reason. Grasping what it implies and putting it into practice is an integral part of the road to better balance in life, to happiness and healing and most certainly greater enlightenment and so forth.

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