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Awareness Series Part 3

Energy Awareness and the Path


The idea of one purposefully setting about to enhance or develop their awareness is a topic I have touched on in a number of essays. One of the main purposes of the Twin Powers material is to help people do this. It is an area that many are interested in and one that can bring significant benefit. In the past, the knowledge or secrets of awareness were generally kept hidden for a number of reasons. There were some "valid" reasons, or justifications, though I don't believe they were all valid, and I do not believe they still apply, certainly not for the reasons they held. There are two main reasons why I do. One is that there has been a fear among those who understand such things that if people knew how to work with energy, for example, that would cause themselves and others harm. However, as I see it as that dangerous as one must progress a fair distance down the path to have sufficient power or control to do so . Also, as I mentioned in a previous piece, the world is not in great shape and I feel the potential harm from sharing the knowledge is outweighed by the benefits.  

At the same time there are certain cautions one must be made aware of in order to keep from causing themselves harm. I will begin this piece by saying that sensing or being aware of energy is the first step towards consciously working with it. We all already work with energy, we just do not do so in a directed fashion. As a result we are not able to reap the benefits of it. Before getting into it I want to make it very clear that you should not want to develop your awareness for selfish reasons such as it's cool or for power or to attain what you want or that people (including yourself) would be impressed or to try to exert influence over others. This, as Obi-Wan-Kenobi would say, is the "dark side" and leads one down a harmful path for the more power one has the greater the karma for abusing it. This path should be avoided at all costs and can be with awareness of what to look out for, how to proceed and having one's intent properly focused. This phrase from "The Cosmic Doctrine" sums it up well.... 

 "The man who desired power would obtain vanity. To obtain power he would have to desire the qualities which confer power - strength, foresight and wisdom. The man who desires power builds for himself the consciousness of the vain egotist. The man who desires strength, foresight and wisdom builds for himself the consciousness of power."


As the statement says, one does not pursue power for that power can consume you. And the caution is not just in terms of one's conscious thoughts and desires for it is our thoughts at the non-conscious or subconscious level, which is the commonly used term, that have the greatest impact. There is a reason why those who sought what the quote suggests have focused on clearing lower selfish "I" thoughts and the resultant emotions. They know that they must work to clear their lower emotions and develop their capacity for compassion, devotion, sympathy and affection even as they nurture and build up their ability to love ALL unconditionally, which empowers their deeper spiritual self's.

Awareness is not a trinket to display or a toy to play with, though certainly one can "play" with their awareness so long as it is playful rather than "I" or ego based. If you do not have the gift in a strong enough form that it manifests actively in your life then it is for a reason, the most likely being that you don't need it for this lifetime or are supposed to develop the qualities that enable it.

Whether one wants to be more empathic, telepathic or even to feel more connected to the world and people around them the path is the same. The generally recognized stages for development are:







We start as the Neophyte. In this stage we are very curious and even intrigued by the world around us. We are exploring, reading, exposing ourselves to new ideas, awakening our curiosity and find ourselves drawn to new ideas. One finds themselves looking into spiritual beliefs of various kinds, mysticism, metaphysics, ancient religions, shamanism or mythology as their sense of origin and history take on a whole new meaning.

Nature and the world around us starts to become more alive and we want, even feel a need to learn. This is the stage where we start to develop a keen sense of understanding and love for earth and all her inhabitants. This becomes less a matter of merely thinking or saying the words and more of starting to realize that the thinking self, the "I" of Descartes famous statement, is not us.

It is in this stage that we begin to develop the tools and discipline needed to work on our issues so that we can silence our restless rational mind (1) and begin to heal the pain and suffering that our ignorance has had us holding onto for such a long time. I am referring to old thought forms, conditioning and beliefs that keep us separate from the world around us. One begins to discover that they do not have to be any particular way and that we can change and recreate ourselves anew. We start to see that there are many layers to things and even truths and this is like peeling away the layers of an onion, some layers being ones we have carried for lifetimes.

One starts to meditate or learn Ti Chi, yoga or one of the similar techniques that give us some basic skills in peeling away the layers of the onion. The neophyte does not clear the issues, they are becoming aware of them, start to realize that the "I" they know is not them and seek to move past the old paradigms into a state of greater self awareness.


The next stage is that of the Initiate. It is during this stage the we begin to free our Inner Child, the innocence, the love, trust and spiritual light that resides within each and every one of us. In this stage we start to move beyond books and outside actions. We are actively working on the issues that keep our Inner Child locked up behind the blocks and filters that we have built up in our minds. This is mandatory ... we must begin to reconnect with our true self, with our innocence, love and trust.

As Athene Raifael stated:


"One can only discover and remember who they are as spirit by going back to the core of the child within that they are. Those who do this have the opportunity not only to heal themselves and the child within, but also become their own best friend for life."




During this stage we find that studying our soul, or more aptly trying to discern what "self" is and begin to work with our chakras and energy in general. These are among the greatest tools we can acquire. This stage has many cycles where we peel away one layer only to find another. It can be disheartening yet it is necessary that we persevere for this is the only way to sustain our awakening. We must not focus on the goal such as becoming more aware or developing power, we focus on clearing what we perceive and doing. Only by coming to know ourselves do we start to realize what we are not, and that is our mind. This is the Knowing that is necessary to free our Inner Child, it is that part of us that is pure and innocent and loving. In the process we open and heal the heart.

There are many places within us that need clearing and healing which is why the stage has many cycles. By paying attention to how we think and feel we can work through what our lives are presenting to us. We may encounter setbacks, which are tests of our determination, intent and resolve, but we must continue work on them until they are healed and integrated as best we can. In this stage we are changing our patterns of thinking and through this are able to start to create our new world or rather our minds that changes our relationship with it. 


With our hearts more open and innocence returning we progress to the next stage, that of the Adept. Being an adept does not mean mastery, it means that one has studied and now understands "some of the Universal, Cosmic and Divine laws that govern the path of enlightenment". One has done considerable healing and know more directly the Light of Love and have done a degree of service to with that love, which allows movement further along the path.

The Adept has accepted, and I mean totally accepted their initiation and adheres to it as the major process that will always be with them. The Adept must have let go of former notions of who and what they are and accept this fully. There is no other way. Of course there are cycles of initiations for the Adept as well. As we proceed through this stage we understand that the various initiations are necessary to develop the skills or tool needed for advancement. Our intuition grows and starts guiding more and more of our lives. The path is not wavered from and we become more familiar with all our senses and use them all, not just the outer ones.

Being an Adept means accepting the responsibility to live the truth of light you have discovered. It means walking the talk even in the face of fierce opposition from the pressures the world and existence in it puts on us. In this stage we learn to strike a deeper balance between our spiritual needs and our practical ones. It is like walking a new tightrope, one on which we must balance and one which we must master. The adept sees the bigger picture and is working to align with it. The journey becomes more enriching and joyous and our understanding deepens as we work on equanimity. Greater balance, strength and wisdom are the result.

During this stage we develop greater awareness of our energy field and work with and through our chakras and on our intent (comes "down to us through" our causal body) for this is the source of all we manifest. The Adept understand the nature of the Law of Action and Reaction, often misrepresented as cause and effect occur, which is the source of karma and the consequences of this in our lives. We also start to led go of the need for personal honours or the prestige the title of "Adept" tends to confer. Instead we become unconcerned with how we are viewed and teach and provide an example to others all while continuing to work on letting go of personal needs. 

At this stage one may still doubt or be uncertain, yet they continue to answer to the spirit of life and love both within and without. It comes with an understanding of the importance of "sacred mantras and affirmations" and free will grows so that one is manifesting the peace within in their lives. One still may find fault with themselves due to having expectations that they have cleared all the issues they encountered earlier in their development; however, an Adept is not free of the issues that they worked on as a Neophyte or an Initiate. Our lessons are indeed like the layers of an onion and as we peel we find more layers of poor programming and conditioning that need to be worked through.


This is the stage where one realizes that even though we are not alone our spiritual journey is ours and ours alone and no one can walk it for us. An Adept can still fall down and lose their balance. They can feel they have failed or are not worthy. Yet, they renew their intent and determination and will work through these as well. One must learn to love themselves without conditions, to accept that dark nights will occur and that with persistence they will find rewards and inspiration that lead them to new heights of love and compassion.


The final stage is that of the Master. I am not referring to Ascended Mastery nor is it a stage that one tells themselves they have obtained nor can another incarnate being confer upon them. It is one they Know they have obtained. We have many lives at each stage, including that of being a Master. And there is a difference between a Master and someone who is Enlightened or an Ascended Master (a consciousness that has already attained enlightenment and has chosen to incarnate to help mankind) such as Buddha or The Christ. Both of them had been through the cycles of Mastery to attain this level of awareness and attained enlightenment in their life or were Ascended Masters and not bound to the wheels of karma. Being a Master means that one is fully conscious of their emotions, minds and are working on the final stage, which means understanding of and control over their intent. They have developed great virtue and take full responsibility for their spiritual truths and values. This helps them to not only express it in their lives but to have significant influences in the lives of many.



Each stage has its key growth elements many of which are common to all of them and which one works on developing more fully. We do not work on them all to the same degree as often one cannot develop a quality into the ones it depends on have been developed to a sufficient level. If you feel the push to develop your awareness you must work on all the elements of growth. This starts with "looking within and up rather than without", by building our awareness of the universal oneness that connects all things and coming to know ourselves. The main work is in becoming more conscious so we can see and clear the blocks and filters that keep them locked into the "constructed I", the ego, which keeps us separate so we begin to align themselves with the Cosmos rather than this mistaken sense of self.

The next step is paying more attention to our thoughts and feelings and recognizing these as aspects of the "I". By doing so we develop our awareness of self and sense of purpose and begin to align with the greater whole or Oneness. There are no shortcuts in this process, no way to avoid the tests and challenges our life presents to us. Each challenge must be seen as such and recognized for what it is, a step towards knowing ourselves. Within a given life some will rise to a certain level and go no further not because they cannot rather because they have not connected their personal goals with that of universal principles which is arguably our greatest challenge. If we continues to see themselves as a separate "I" our efforts will not bring the results we seek. Enlightenment is not the path of ego or vanity or personal wants, it is the path of acceptance of Universal or Cosmic will rather personal will. The lives we live are but the vessel of our consciousnesses expression of self and who or what we are. 

The Twin Powers material was written to assist those who seek. The Concepts Section (2) contains the ideas of self that one must have in some form, and not necessarily as I have suggested, ones that help us recognize who and what we are. We all must begin to realize what the "I" is, and its role in our lives in order to begin to move past this view of self. The essays in the Growth Fundamentals Section (3) are written to help make you more aware of the mind and thoughts within it, be they beliefs or ideas that keep us locked into the "I" version of the self, so that we can recognize them. Recognition makes it possible to work through them as they arise. The Spiritual Development Section (4) covers one way of pursuing our growth through silencing our restless and relentless rational mind and the Exercises (5) are referenced from the appropriate essays to give you some tools to work on bringing the concepts or awareness's covered in essay into your waking consciousness.

While I truly believe my method works it is far from the only method. At the very least, it can give you ideas you can use to examine whatever method you have chosen or are already following. The principles are the same regardless of what path you walk. My advise to all serious seekers is to consider what I have suggested and to begin rigorous self examination to a level that many would see as zealotry, though doing so without the personal desires or being fanatical. 

Start to meditate, take up Ti Chi or some other practice that help you learn to find the silence of a self without reliance on thinking, which is interference from our rational mind. Align yourself with love and light and caring and compassion for all, including yourself. Work on your sensitivity to and awareness of the energy and to the flow of forces in and around you. Do not be concerned with where you are an the path, that focus only strengthens the ego and keeps us locking into the "constructed I". And remember that all the gifts in the world, be they empathy or telepathy or healing will not give you Mastery, this can only be obtained by what is probably the single most important task.... KNOW THYSELF. 



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© 2011 Allan Beveridge

Last updated August 25, 2018



  1. Introduction to the Rational Mind (RM)
  2. Section 1 - Concepts
  3. Section 2 - Growth Fundamentals
  4. Section 3 - Spiritual Development
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