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Developing Our Awareness

The essays in this section are about how to develop one's non-physical based awareness and perception. We all have the capabilities to do so and if developing yours is a goal these compositions will be of benefit to you. 

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Awareness Series Epilogue

Every Life Has A Purpose


Over the last three essays (3 Part Awareness Series), I examined why developing our non-rational or psychic awareness is a challenge and how we can start to change that. I also looked at the various levels of mastery of these same awareness's and the skills or knowledge that comes with each of the four levels I described. The purpose was to make people aware of what they are and what they mean; it was not to suggest that people should strive to follow that particular path of knowledge.

There are few who have this full path of knowledge as theirs for any given lifetime. The vast majority of us are not born to become neither spiritual Adepts nor Masters and while it is an admirable goal, it is the path for only a very small number of people.

I say this not simply because it is a very challenging path, for it is, it is because we are all learning different lessons each as important as those learned on the path of enlightenment. This is because the breadth of experience required to become free of the cycle of incarnation is immense. In addition, becoming a Master within a given lifetime is not a requirement to be free of the cycle of incarnation, indeed most will not become a Master in any of their lifetimes. Therefore, becoming a Master is not more worthy or important than being a bricklayer, an engineer, a cab driver, domestic help or a person struggling on the streets. These are valuations made by the ego based “I” and the only meaning they have is what we give them, no more, no less.

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Awareness Series Part 3

Energy Awareness and the Path


The idea of one purposefully setting about to enhance or develop their awareness is a topic I have touched on in a number of essays. One of the main purposes of the Twin Powers material is to help people do this. It is an area that many are interested in and one that can bring significant benefit. In the past, the knowledge or secrets of awareness were generally kept hidden for a number of reasons. There were some "valid" reasons, or justifications, though I don't believe they were all valid, and I do not believe they still apply, certainly not for the reasons they held. There are two main reasons why I do. One is that there has been a fear among those who understand such things that if people knew how to work with energy, for example, that would cause themselves and others harm. However, as I see it as that dangerous as one must progress a fair distance down the path to have sufficient power or control to do so . Also, as I mentioned in a previous piece, the world is not in great shape and I feel the potential harm from sharing the knowledge is outweighed by the benefits.  

At the same time there are certain cautions one must be made aware of in order to keep from causing themselves harm. I will begin this piece by saying that sensing or being aware of energy is the first step towards consciously working with it. We all already work with energy, we just do not do so in a directed fashion. As a result we are not able to reap the benefits of it. Before getting into it I want to make it very clear that you should not want to develop your awareness for selfish reasons such as it's cool or for power or to attain what you want or that people (including yourself) would be impressed or to try to exert influence over others. This, as Obi-Wan-Kenobi would say, is the "dark side" and leads one down a harmful path for the more power one has the greater the karma for abusing it. This path should be avoided at all costs and can be with awareness of what to look out for, how to proceed and having one's intent properly focused. This phrase from "The Cosmic Doctrine" sums it up well.... 

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Awareness Series Part 2

Developing Our Ability to Focus

In part one of this short series on Working With Energy I highlighted three key elements one should have. These were:

  • Increasing our ability to focus or concentrate
  • Work on noticing and eliminating beliefs or thoughts that prevent us from perceiving energy
  • Develop our awareness of and our sensitivity to energy

Concentration and focus is related to the Law of Limitation and the ability to focus or concentrate has it's benefits to every aspect of our lives. This is not just critical to energy work, it is needed for someone to accomplish anything significant. When one wants to work with subtle energies even subtle thoughts can sabotage our efforts.

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Awareness Series Part 1

Learning To Work With Energy


I have spoken before about developing ones awareness and sensitivity to energy and that with this knowledge we can start to work with energy more actively. We already do so as a matter of course whether we are aware of it or not and we can take a more active role in working with energy. In this first part on this topic I will simply discuss the ideas at a higher level. In the subsequent pieces I will go into more detail about specific things one can do to develop these skills. I will reference essays on The Twin Powers website or past TOD's. I will try to avoid material that is available only to members of the site as these Notes are not intended to "force" people to join the site in order to learn (not that all are not welcome there:)....

In general, to learn to work with energy we must:

  1. Increasing our ability to focus or concentrate
  2. Work on noticing and eliminating beliefs or thoughts that prevent us from perceiving energy
  3. Develop our awareness of and our sensitivity to energy

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Active Awareness

The focus of the material I write and the seminars and lectures I have given is to give people something they can use to develop themselves personally and spiritually, as the two are intrinsically connected. In this broad field there are certain topics that garnished the most attention, one of them is how to deal with emotional or life issues, both new ones and old ones that surface from time to time. There are certainly plenty of ways to approach this and no one way is going to provide a magic bullet to rid us of issues and our negative or lower emotional reactions. At the same time, those methods that are most successful share certainly fundamental aspects.

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