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To make change we often have to consider alternative views or ways of thinking about ourselves. In this introduction section, we cover the basic concepts of our awareness from the rational mind, and our emotions through to the nature of thoughts and our non-rational "self". In these essays, you will find core ideas about human awareness, our minds and how thoughts and emotions "work".

For those on the path of working on personal or spiritual growth, having a solid conceptual foundation of knowledge about our awareness and consciousness is essential. To do this we need a shared understanding of what awareness and consciousness is, including consistent use of terminology. While we may use the same words, what we mean by them can vary dramatically from person to person. The intent of the essays in this section is to establish a common understanding of the terminology used throughout the material along with a deeper understanding of them.



The below table contains a list of essays in this section along with their prerequisite(s) and, where applicable, the accompanying exercise. Each entry in the Title column comes with a link that will take you to the essay. You cannot access the exercises that go with the articles from here, the links are in the articles themselves.

Do note that you must be a member to access the majority of the material listed here. Red text indicates that an essay or exercise is member content. 


  Section 1: Concepts


  Title (with link to essay or exercise)  Prerequisite       Exercise 
1.1   The Human Condition       
1.2 Intent and Desire  1.1  
1.3 Introduction to the Rational Mind (RM)     1.2  
1.4 The Limiting Aspects of the RM   1.3  Ex 1: What Do I Believe  
1.5 The Nature of Thoughts Part 1 & 2   1.3   
1.6  Our Emotional Self  1.4  &  1.5  
1.7  The Non-Rational "Self"  1.6   


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