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Ex 4 Meditation

Releasing Pain

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Releasing Pain


Life can be a wonderful experience that allows us to be joyous, laugh, play, and share with others, be creative and explore and learn about the mysteries that are all around us. Even though our experiences shape our lives in pretty much every way, whether we actually enjoy life or not depends mostly on us and the choices we make. What detracts from the quality of our lives is the amount of pain our experiences trigger in us and also how we experience and react to that pain. This is also a choice we make, though in both cases choices we are likely not aware we made.

It may seem an oversimplification, but the fact is: if we want to enjoy life more we either have to encounter less pain or learn to deal with pain differently. This should lead one to realize that we cannot exert much control over how much pain we encounter, but we can learn to deal with pain differently. I cannot possible explore every type of pain we can feel, though we will cover a considerable amount of ground. The intent is to share ideas about pain that you can take away, consider and which you can apply to your own lives.

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