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Developing Sensitivity to Energy

Developing Sensitivity to Energy

Twin Powers Logo There is far more to our existence than what is apparent through our physical senses. The vast majority of us live our lives completely unaware of this even though every one of us is capable of perceiving far beyond the limited range of our physical senses. The reasons are many, a number of which I have examined at length in various essays and I will not list them here. A significant one is this: when you focus all your attention on one area it is natural that the other areas would atrophy. We can start to reverse this by spending time doing things that do not involve our physical senses. 

We get stuck because we have allowed (and I use that term loosely) our minds to be poorly programmed and as a result manifest needs, wants and desires based on what it, our ego has come to want and desire which has us focusing on the external world. To change this we must start to do things that engage our thinking minds less and which do not allow our physical senses to dominate our perception or attention.

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