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Ex 4 Meditation


Twin Powers LogoExercise 3x

Taking A Look At Yourself

This exercise is referenced from the essay Knowing Yourself. This exercise is not one exericise, rather it is a series of four who's purpose is to help you start to get to know yourself better.

When you do this set the sequence is important, as they build on one another. Start with the first and work your way through them. You should not do them all in one sitting, instead, space them out to give yourself time to disconnect from the thoughts and reactions each one will stir before going on to the next one. Focus is important, hence rushing them will actually take away from the benefits.

Start the set by following this link...Exercise 3.1 Describing Oneself From Two Views and then continue on with the others as listed in the left hand menu. 


Twin Powers LogoExercises

The exercises presented here are to aid you developing awareness of yourself. References to the majority of the exercises are in individual essays. However, the essays cover a great deal and so I have left some unreferenced. Each has a prerequisite and assuming you are following the suggested reading only the essay it was referenced from or the one most pertinent to the exercise is listed. They are designed to help you put into practise some of what was covered in the essay. This expands the depth of your awareness of the topic and assists you in either starting or further developing your awareness.

Do these exercises periodically, unlike homework for school. The awareness one develops by doing them is empowered by repetition. In addition, one gains deep and more profound insights about themselves through this process much like how one peels away the layers of an onion. If you are persistent, you will also notice patterns emerging and cycles appear where you never noticed them before.



NOTE on above image: The Working With Energy section has an 11th exercise group titled Developing Our Sensitivity to Energy. It is comprised of two exercises, Ex. 11.1: Energy Sensitivity Introduction and Ex. 11.2: Energy Sensitivity Intermediate.


The below table contains a list of essays in this section along with their prerequisite(s) and, where applicable, the accompanying exercise. Each entry in the Title column comes with a link that will take you to the essay. You cannot access the exercises that go with the articles from here, the links are in the articles themselves.

Do note that you must be a member to access the majority of the material listed here. Red text indicates that an essay or exercise is member content. 


  Section 4: Exercises

Title (with a link to the exercise)                Source Essay      
Ex. 1: What Do I Believe?               1.4 
Ex. 2: Improving Our Honesty   2.1
Ex. 3x: Taking A Look At Yourself   2.10 
Ex. 3.1: Describing Oneself From Two Views   2.10
Ex. 3.2: How I See My Positive and Negative Traits   2.10 
Ex. 3.3: What I Believe Others See As My Positive and Negative Traits   2.10 
Ex. 3.4: Skills and Growth Points   2.10 
Ex. 4: Meditation    3.5
Ex. 5: Grounding   3.6 
Ex. 6: Clearing Energy  3.7 
Ex. 7: Centering  3.7 
Ex. 8: Developing Your Awareness  3.9
Ex. 9: Basic Shielding  3.10
Ex. 10: Directed Shielding  3.10 
Ex. 11: Developing Our Sensitivity to Energy  3.8
Ex. 11.1: Energy Sensitivity Introduction  3.8 
Ex. 11.2: Energy Sensitivity Intermediate  3.8 


Link to the full guide--> Twin Powers Curriculum Guide  


Last updated December 30, 2016


Twin Powers LogoGuest Writers


There are as many paths one can take to on their journey of personally and spiritual growth as there are people. No one path is necessarily better than any other for they all take us to the same place - to ourselves and an awakening in the greater oneness that we all are part of. In this section of the website are the writings and stories of kindred spirits who are willing to share of themselves and their journeys so that others can benefit from them. Each guest writer has their own unique perspective and have been selected because we believe that what they offer is of benefit and value to our members, users and visitors. This has always been a part of the vision for this website, which is:

To share and nurture knowledge in a way that allows everyone the opportunity to explore, share and contribute. 


You will find the these writings listed in alphabetic order under the Guest Writers heading. They are listed this way to make it easy to find them by name. Each writer has their own section that includes a brief bio that they have written as a way of introducing themselves to you. The links to their writings are below their bio. It is our hope that you will take the time to visit the Guest Writers pages, get to know them a little bit and then read what they have shared with us all.

There are no special requirements to be a guest writer on the Twin Powers, save that the writings are in keeping with the intent of the site, are more or less in alignment with the main writings on the website (those under Start Your Journey and General Writings) and are based on the writer's personal experiences and thoughts. We will screen each the writer and their articles to make sure that the basic requirements are met. Also, each article will be presented as written though we will work with the writers as needed to correct such things as grammatical or spelling errors prior to their being posted to the website. 

We are very honoured that there are those willing to contribute and excited about the possibilities that this section presents. Right now we are working on getting the first guest writers articles ready to share. The plan is to have this done shortly (by the middle of January 2015). We will also be actively looking for others who are interested in adding their voices to the website. If you feel you would like to be a guest writer let us know by sending an email to the Site Manager as listed on the Contact Us page. 


Twin Powers guest writers are listed under Guest Writers heading on the left hand menu. Once you select a guest writer to view their profile you will find their writings listed under their name.

Example: (writer Bob Smith selected)

Guest Writers

  • Mary Jones
  • Bob Smith
  • Bob's Poem 


Note to Guest Writers

Guest writers will have to agree to some terms in regards to their articles. These terms are related things like ownership over and approval of articles being posted and how we handle change requests and so on. Guest writers will always retain full rights over their material and can choose to have the it removed from the website by notifying us. This agreement is in the process of being written and a copy will be available for viewing here and on the Terms and Conditions page as soon as it is ready.