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Ex 4 Meditation

Growth Fundamentals

Twin Powers LogoGrowth Fundamentals

When we choose to work on ourselves, to grow as people, knowledge about ourselves is important. However, knowledge must be used to be of value. In this section, we will use our understanding of the nature of our awareness to look at core concepts related to it and explore ideas that will help you apply what you have learned to your life. These are ideas that, if we are aware of them, can be used to aid us along our path. There are also exercises to help you explore yourself to deeper and more profound levels.

This series of essays starts with what I believe are two of the most important skills or competencies required for growth: honesty and personal responsibility. With an understanding of how and why these two skills are so important we can tackle our challenges more directly. These being our perception of our reality, ourselves and how we react to our experiences.

In the remaining essays, we will look at how some challenges most of us face at one point or another. I am referring to how our emotional responses, judgmental tendencies and needs lead us into unwanted situations that do not benefit us. Through them you will come to a new or add to your current understanding of how we react to experiences and  how we can benefit by working past our "whys". This is how we teach and train ourselves to respond differently to circumstances.


The below table contains a list of essays in this section along with their prerequisite(s) and, where applicable, the accompanying exercise. Each entry in the Title column comes with a link that will take you to the essay. You cannot access the exercises that go with the articles from here, the links are in the articles themselves.

Do note that you must be a member to access the majority of the material listed here. Red text indicates that an essay or exercise is member content. 


  Section 2: Growth Fundamentals


  Title (with a link to the essay)  Prerequisite  Exercise 
2.1      Honesty  Section 1: Concepts   Ex 2: Improving Our Honesty 
2.2 Learning to Accepting Responsibility  Section 1: Concepts  
2.3 Guilt and Blame (includes MS Excel worksheet)    2.1 & 2.2   
2.4 The Nature of Judgment   2.1 & 2.2  
2.5 Preference versus Need   2.3 & 2.4   
2.6 The Nature of Thoughts Parts 3 & 4   2.1 & 2.2  
2.7 Becoming Conscious: The Power of Perception   2.5   
2.7.1 The Menagerie Part 1   2.5   
2.7.2 Alcatraz Part 2-1  2.7.1   
The Ties That Bind Part 2-2  2.7.2   
2.10 Knowing Yourself  2.7 *Ex 3: Taking A Look At Yourself (4 exercises)  
2.11 Dealing With Strong Emotions Part 1  2.5  
2.12 Dealing With Strong Emotions Part 2  2.10  
2.13 Releasing Pain  2.10   
2.12 The Twin Powers   2.11, 2.12 & 2.13  

 - There are 4 exercises to go with the essays in this section. Ex 3.1 is available to all while the remaining three are Member content


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Last Updated: December 30, 2016