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Clearing and Centering

Section 2 - Growth Fundamentals

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Dealing with Strong Emotions Part 1


Everyone reacts strongly to events or find they are dealing with strong emotions with no obvious trigger, at times, only to end up having to deal with the consequences. This can happen whether one expresses their emotions or keeps them in. If personal growth or spiritual development is to be of use or value to us, it must come with ways to deal with strong emotions. The question is how to do this effectively.

It is easy to suggest that someone should just let go of the need to control, or accept what happens and move on. The power of our emotions and the dynamics of our emotional entanglements can make this a challenge to do, and a non-trivial lesson in growth even though once you understand it the process is rather simple. Hence, the answer is both complicated and simple at the same time. What can be the hardest part is the self-evaluation that one must do to move past this form of reaction mechanism. Nor can I in one essay provide a comprehensive guide that covers all the possible variables and circumstances and so forth. What I will try to do instead is look at the big picture first, the concepts around strong emotions, categorize some of them and try to provide some steps one can take to deal with them.

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