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Compositions of a more general nature including ethics, thoughts about life and views about human nature, our times and evolution.

Twin Powers LogoA Consideration of Opposites


As long as I have been studying and learning about life I have bumped into the idea of opposites in countless discussions. The opposites or dualities most commonly mentioned are those of love and hate, peace and war, good and bad or right and wrong . The thoughts associated with these opposites (though love and hate aren't opposites per se as love is not an emotion) are core mental constructs and have a significant, even profound affect on our view of the world and how we react to experiences. Our rational mind tends to judge everything and nothing is so easily judged as that which only has two considerations, such as right or wrong. They affect me as well and with given my curiosity, it was only natural that these are ideas I give a great deal of thought to and have over the years.

As my understanding of these terms "grew" I found that people held strong feelings about them. I wanted to understand these ideas to learn more about how they affected me and hence my understanding of myself. I also found that, no matter how I explained my thoughts and views about them, I often triggered emotional reactions including some consternation when I would say such things as "our views of what is good and bad are relative and personal" or that "there is no such thing as absolute good or bad as we tend to view them". The operative words in these two phrases being "relative" and "view".

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The Gift of Life


It has been a long haul as for a number of months my Thought of the Day has been on personal growth aspects and ways to understand how our minds work so we can use this to our benefit. Growth is important, true, yet it is how we live our lives each and every day that matters. Sure, we can work on issues, see opportunities in our lives to become "better" people, and at times we must do this to deal with the issues we face, however, to focus on it for extended periods of time takes us away from living and enjoying the gift of life.

I see this all the time. People working to get past what ails them, what causes pain in their lives or to pursue something that they believe will lead to a better life or to fulfillment or to harmony. I have done it myself during different periods of my life. And yes, these are all worthy goals, nor are they a waste of time ... at the same time we ought not allow them to consume us or our attention. By doing so we may be allow, even facilitating our rational or thinking minds continual domination over our attention which also has the effect of also taking us away from our true selves and keeps us locked into the treadmill of ego based action and reaction.

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Ripples In My Pond 

The day is still and quiet as I walk about to take in the beauty of this existence. I have no direction in mind as I let my feet go where they would like rather than guide them with my thoughts. I pass by all manner of people and things and notice each in turn. I do not see what some would call their faults, instead I revel in the wonder of the diversity of expression. Each of them is a unique crucible of creation, expressing themselves as they are in the moment. There is nothing to judge for they are doing as is their nature just as any interpretation I might have of them will be what is in my nature. There is only the joy of perceiving that unique expression in all its glory. There are no flaws, no imperfections, save to the rational mind, there is just what is and I can share in that so long as I stay in the moment. 

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