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Subtle Perceptions

 Twin Powers LogoExpanding our awareness in any fashion is often seen as both mysterious and elusive. There are many who cannot seem to put their finger on it, so to speak. Hearing or perceiving the subtler vibrations can be akin to trying to reach out and grab a handful of the wind or of water. The wind cannot be captured and whatever water is grasped will either slips through your fingers or soon evaporates. This is because in the attempt to sense beyond the physical realm people have a tendency to try to use what they are familiar as if that which they would perceive will suddenly appear before their eyes or become “tangible” in some form. They try to use the thoughts they are familiar as if by thinking a little clearer, trying a little harder or listening little better they will be able to “see IT”, whatever “IT” may be. This almost never works. One could liken this to staring at a glass of water and trying to discern individual drops within it.

There are a great many that would like and indeed try to expand their perception. There are ways to go about this but there is no set prescription for how one perceives subtle vibrations; we all do it in our own unique way. One thing that all those who can do this consciously have in common is they do not think about what they perceive. They may think about what they are trying to do, or use thoughts to help them “get in the right head space”, but the thinking stops there. However, most people try to use thinking to perceive the subtle and unfortunately when we think we use language. To use language we engage our mind, which in turn requires our brain. None of these help us to perceive the subtle energies and by the act of thinking we invariably close the doors to our perception.

We become very accustomed to always thinking about something and using our physical senses, so much so that over time we do these things to the point of virtually excluding all other perceptions. When we are children, especially during the first few years of our lives, we are aware of subtle vibrations. They are a significant part of the kaleidoscope of perceptions we have at that age. Physical reality is something that gradually congeals from this point on and it accelerates once we start to develop language and get into the “doings” of life.

The domination of the blaring noise of the physical world is not something one undoes in a short period of time. Just as one must develop the muscles and personal will required to run a marathon we need to develop the “muscles” to notice the subtle vibrations. The trick, if you can call it that, is to simply let go of all the thoughts that roll through your conscious mind as they surface, do not focus on or attach value to them and simply allow your mind to settle into the background.

“Isolation is part of the illusion. I see me, I see you and my physical senses suggest we are separate. While a knowing is every bit as real as the perception of a car, it does not necessarily come with the kind of sensual component we are accustomed to noticing. It is easily lost amid the noise our minds create not only by our thinking too much, but also by our minds continual pre-processing of information and the many thoughts that lie just below the conscious level.

We are all naturally empathic, though we may not be conscious of it. Do you know someone who always knows the right things to say to cheer you up? It could even be a stranger who says or does the right thing at exactly the right time. How do they do this? They do this by their allowing rather than ignoring the perceptions they get of others.”(1)


One can liken the sensation one gets when the mind is gradually set aside to those moments when we are in a place that makes us feel good, one where we languish in just being there and taking it all in without thinking about it. When we try to force our awareness of subtle vibrations we find that it is not unlike those moments, which we all have, when we know what we want to say but can’t quite formulate the words. We try to find them but they remain elusive, out of our reach and they slip further away the harder we try. What often happens is later, when our mind is not as focused the words or thoughts suddenly come to us and we go “ah ha!” If we had not tried to force the thoughts out we would have found they came to us with far greater ease.

The subtler vibrations are always there, but we focus our attention on the dense physical world. The mind needs to be trained to step aside so that we can begin to perceive them. It is a gradual process and one must work on it regularly or they will never escape the clutches of the mind or ego.

“Look around, but do not think about what you see, try to simply observe. Do not stare, instead glance or gaze at the people as they go about their business. Do not presuppose anything; focus on simply perceiving without valuing. If you set your ego aside you will not be judge or appraise them as much. This will lead to your getting impressions from them, such as they are open, closed, happy, impatient or concerned and so on. There may even be multiple impressions. Whatever you do, do not try to analyze them. You may even get an opportunity to confirm the impressions you get should you have the opportunity to say something to them or simply through further observation of them

Our intuitions get drowned out by the noise in our minds. To re-open closed doors we have to want to hear and be willing to allow what we get without analyzing it to the nth degree. We can enhance the power of the impressions by having thoughts such as “I feel the energy between me and everything around me”, “We are not separate” or “I feel you”. Continuing with the last example, if in observing others you find feelings of discomfort with these types of thoughts then you are not yet ready and have more work to do...”(1)


This is the benefit of mindfulness and mediation. When we quiet the mind we perceive more, what one does not have when they start to do this is a “roadmap” or travel guide to what they perceive. The other factor is that one must build up their sensitivity by repeated practice at both of these because the tendency is still to look for something familiar and that will not reveal what’s been hidden in plain sight for so long. One must work on letting go of preconceptions about what they will perceive or how their thoughts affect energy in order to see and be aware of subtle vibrations.

One thing you can watch for is the tendency of the ego to downplay perceptions. You may have a sudden thought, one that comes out of the blue. It could be a thought about a friend, or that you should do something in particular for example. When this happens you are likely inclined to dismiss it or the say to yourself “that is silly” and simply move on or continue whatever physical activity or thinking you were doing prior to it. Next time this happens do not discount or dismiss it or allow the silliness. When you do not do this you are allowing your mind to judge the “value of your perception” and it will almost invariably try to discount it because that is what we have become accustomed to doing.

We end up this way for many reasons such as when we were younger we were told to put aside childish thoughts, or when we had a perception about what someone was feeling or thinking and spoke up about it were told that it wasn’t true even when often it was. This results in our gradually distrusting our intuitions to the point that we end up ignoring them or write them off as nonsense. One must cease to do this. There are times when we must pay attention to what our mind is telling us, such as to duck when something is thrown at us or to be cautious in certain circumstances because of the risk of injury or some other negative outcome. What we mustn’t do is let this become the rule.

There is a brave new world out there and within us which most do not see, not because they cannot it is more a matter of the mind has been trained to disallow it, not trust it and to go by what from its perspective is concrete and real. The subtle energies are every bit as real as what we see, hear or touch using our physical senses. If you want to become more aware then you must start to ignore what your mind is telling you. Doing this helps you start to retrain your mind for once the mind has control it will not do this on its own. Our non-conscious mind takes its direction from our conscious thoughts. If we go with its notions that some things have no value or are simply idle mind chatter then we will never peel back the veil we have built over our lifetime. 

Perception of the subtle is not gift in the sense of one having something others do not, though I have used the term before. When I have used it I meant it in terms of one having more of some particular talent or ability that others such as in a gift for playing a musical instrument. In truth, we can all play instruments, though by objective measures we may not play them well. In the truest sense perceiving the subtle vibrations is not a gift, it is as natural as breathing for it is part of who and what we are. We have simply allowed it to become shrouded, like a memory from our childhood.

The good news is that the shrouding is something we can lift if we work at it. That work starts with building within our mind the belief that we can develop our ability to perceive subtle vibrations. If we do not believe we can what we have created within our own minds are walls we cannot climb and chasms we cannot cross. The inevitable result of this is that we stay where we are ... wanting ... hoping ... waiting ...



© 2013 Allan Beveridge



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