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The Twin Powers

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Welcome to the Twin Powers!

This is a place for those who are interested in or who already are exploring themselves, expanding their awareness and in connecting with others with similar interests. There is a great deal of content here, the majority being from the Twin Powers Workbook, by Allan Beveridge, which we will look at publishing through this site.

The TP material is neither a philosophy nor a methodology per say. Through the material, Allan will share a way to view ourselves and the world, one that will be of benefit no matter the path you are taking. It comes in four sections with the first three, the Concepts, Growth Fundamentals and Spiritual Development being the core material and the fourth consists of Exercises. There is a suggested reading order for the material and though we recommend following it, it is not mandatory. We provide it as a guide to the material as the essays build on one another.

There are also additional resources provided such as a General Writings section that contains essays on a broad range of topics, a forum for discussion and links to other sites and material we believe could be of interest or benefit to you. A considerable amount of the material is available free. Members have access to all the essays, exercises, the forums and more features over time. The important point to remember is that we are not offering an alternative to whatever path you are on, only a supplement. We hope you find the material interesting, enlightening and that it aids you on your life's journey.


The Twin Powers Material Overview




An introduction to your journey through the material on this site....

Our modern times are not as different from the past as you may believe. Even with the vast advancements in technology, we are still creatures of flesh, of feelings, and of mind. We are still learning the same lessons we have always needed to learn. For all of our toys and creature comforts we still face fears, doubts and pain as we do curiosity, joy and pleasure. At the same time, there has never been so much information available for people to find their ways out of what may ail them. Help can come from new age, old ways, self-help and development guides. You can even find some of the more esoteric books and manuscripts that were not available to the public in bookstores and on the internet. The challenge one faces is not that of finding the information; it is discerning what is “true”, what is of value to us for growth and in learning how to use it in a practical way. The reason it is such a challenge is the knowledge is not really in any book, it is inside us. We need to understand what it is, then how we can access and use it.

Be your path one of personal growth to resolve issues or problems in your life, or you are seeking greater spiritual awareness much of the work that you need to do is the same. Through this site, I will share some of what I have learned in nearly forty years of spiritual exploration, and provide resources to help you along the way.

The first step to any movement or change in our lives is the desire to move, for without it progress will be limited. The first step to any movement or change in our lives is to have a direction, a goal… No, this is not a contradiction; it is a bit of word play, as you will need both of these qualities to move in a direction of your choosing. Without the desire to do something we will remain stationary, and without a goal we are aimless. Applying this to our growth … we can see that we need to want to change, and have some form of destination in mind.

The content on this site finds its basis in the premise that there is order to the non-physical or, as some call it, spiritual aspect of “the Cosmos”. We know that physical matter has evolved since that explosive birth scientists called the Big Bang. Matter has evolved from hydrogen to the denser matter that is scattered throughout the manifest universe. Now, if you believe in a soul or a conscious universe, is it so hard to believe that consciousness evolves too? Is it so hard to believe that there are laws that govern consciousness just as there are the laws of physics, or chemistry? Perhaps you have not considered this idea.

Certainly, the laws of physics are easier to discern as consciousness itself is beyond the range of our instruments to detect. The idea that we cannot measure it or share our personal experiences directly with others, does not mean we should not try to understand it. The challenge with the “laws of consciousness” is in trying to figure out what they are, to understand them and their impact on us. When we start to view the world with the idea that our thoughts and feelings are “things” that have their own order we begin to change our perception of our reality and our ability to work with it. Just as our collective knowledge of physics grows, so does our understanding of awareness. It is this understanding that can help us to grow as people, to find balance in our lives and even to reawaken aspects of our awareness we have allowed to atrophy.

I believe that when we start to try to grow we find more balance, and are more in tune with the “universe”. The universe responds in kind, and if we direct our activities appropriately, we will find what we need along the way. We show our intent through our actions, and our actions include our thoughts and our feelings. Doing this brings challenges, and the purpose of this site is to help you to deal with them.

Take a look at the various items on the left hand menu to get a feel for the site and what is available. When you are ready to begin getting into the material your first stop should be the topic Your Starting Point which you will find under the heading of Start The Journey.


Allan Beveridge

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Note that the term ‘The Twin Powers’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ used throughout the site refers to the owner of the website.

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