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This is a place for those who are interested in or who already are exploring themselves, expanding their awareness and connecting with others having similar interests. There is a lot of content available, some of which originated from the Twin Powers Workbook, by Allan Beveridge. All of it was written to aid those who seek to know themselves and awaken their awareness.

The Twin Powers Core Material Overview

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The Twin Powers material is neither a philosophy nor a methodology per say. Through the material, Allan shares a way to view ourselves and the world, one that will be of benefit no matter what path you are taking. The core material, found under the Start Your Journey, comes in four sections with the first three, the Concepts, Growth Fundamentals and Spiritual Development being the core material and the fourth Exercises linked to the essays. There is a suggested reading order for the material and though we recommend following it, it is up to you. We provide it as a guide to the material as the essays build on one another.

There are also additional resources provided such as a General Writings section that contains essays on a broad range of topics, videos, a forum for discussion, guest authors writings and links to other sites and material we believe could be of interest or benefit to you. A considerable amount of the material is available free. Members have access to additional core content essays, exercises and more features over time. The important point to remember is that we are not offering an alternative to whatever path you are on, only a supplement. We hope you find the material interesting, enlightening and that it aids you on your life journey.



Allan Beveridge


Note that the term ‘The Twin Powers’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ used throughout the site refers to the owner of the website.