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General Writings

Twin Powers LogoGeneral Writings

This section is reserved for pieces on a variety of topics on personal and spiritual growth as well as others that I believe might be of interest to you. The number of articles will grow over time as new pieces are written by myself or site members. To read any of the articles simply click on the Read More button and enjoy!



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"Honesty ... is not some measure against some absolute truth; we measure it against our awareness of our truths..." (1)

"The principle of responsibility, like that of personal honesty, is of paramount importance in the world of personal and spiritual growth. This is not a rule of man, but one of nature and that rule is our actions have consequences." (2)


There are certainly a number of skills and awareness's one needs develop to help them become more in tune with the world, to see through the illusion created by our ego/mind or to simply find more balance in their lives. I've written about many of them and while not discounting or making any superior to any other there are certain foundation elements among them that stand out. The two quotes above speak to the ones I believe are absolutely essential if one is to make any real progress, and they are honesty and accepting responsibility.

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 April 2013 22:20

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Dealing With Strong Emotions Part 2



Between us and ourselves are the ghosts of our past. They lumber around in our minds forming little groups and shaking hands with each other seeming incognizant or disinterested in what is going in the "real world". Yet taking even one step in a particular direction can bring their full attention. When that happens we can feel their pull whether we are sensitive to and acknowledged it or not.


We don't generally notice these ghosts even though they influence every choice and action in our lives. They whisper seductively in our ear. We mistake them for us and so they tend to have our almost undivided attention. Collectively there are our non-conscious or sub-conscious mind and when they whisper in our ear we follow; we, for example, order our favorite food at the restaurant, or pick new clothes especially if they are in "our colour" or we react certain ways to particular ideas. They even lead us to anger, fear, hurt, loneliness, jealousy, resentment and so on.

Last Updated on Monday, 15 April 2013 21:55

Nurturing The Future Part 2: BecomingTwin Powers Logo


When we talk about how to help children develop as best we can we have to think what we need to know in order to do so. For instance, we have to know what capabilities children have, what they perceive and how their minds and conscious awareness develop. Helping children develop in the area of language and motor skills and so on and are being studied by experts, I will defer to them in this area. It is these skills that ground us into out bodies and enable us to interact fully with the physical world around us That said, no matter how good any of these techniques are, one must be mindful of them so as to avoid using those that negatively affect other areas. As important as these skills are, the foundations of a child's whole self should take precedence. This means, put simply, we must pay attention to their mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Last Updated on Sunday, 31 March 2013 12:53

Between Moments

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We have all heard phrases such as “be in the moment”, “there is only now”, “it’s a matter of being rather than doing” and “reality is an illusion” and so on. You have likely also heard or read about getting beyond the idea of duality or that reality is an illusion yet for all we hear and read about such things being in the now is very difficult. The difficulty lays not in the effort itself, it is the barrier is us.

The illusion is pervasive and seems all encompassing to us. We can spend our whole lives searching for the elusive now. We can consider it, think about it and continue try to find our way in between the moments our minds define for us, but it is not there. All of these are for not and while such effort are not a waste of time they will likely be fruitless because we cannot find the now by any of these means. The only way to do so is to discard thinking about or hunting for it, we must even let go of our desire to find it.

Last Updated on Saturday, 30 March 2013 23:32

Understanding Cycles: Attributes of Cycles

Part 2

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We began our look at cycles in part one where we talked about cycles, what they are and how they are created as well as the roles they play in our lives. We touched on there being both natural and man-made cycles, where the man-made variety are the cycles we manifest ourselves through our thoughts and the consequences of them. It is negative cycles of the latter variety that we are focusing on.

The complexity of all the vibrations in the Cosmos let alone that of our mind and the energies we manifest renders cycles virtually impossible to categorize. There are cycles that last aeons and those that come and go in a flash and we are affected by them as we are by the cycles we create ourselves. There is an old saying, “As above, so below”, hence cycles occur at every level of creation. This is also why finding and dealing with the ones we manifest is difficult and there is no formula or single process to work on them. However, as I have said before, our mind is incredibly powerful and we do not need facts and details to make change happen. If we can identify a cycle and then examine it in more detail we can find its source.

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 14:30
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