The Twin Powers

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Twin Powers LogoAbout Me: Allan Beveridge

This web site is the result of nearly forty years of spiritual and personal growth. From a young age, I was aware of things others appeared not be be and fought the confusion that brought. I struggled through my teens until realizing that the only way out was to look within. Early on, there was no one to explain what I perceived. I searched for answers in books written by Theosophists then branched out into all manner texts such as the little known Sephiroth Yetzirah, the Qabalah, The Tibetan Book of the Dead as well as various Hindu and Buddist texts, the Q’ran, the Zohar and I re-read the Bible. What I learned, along with daily meditations kept me on my path though my early struggles led me to drop out of university and move west.

I returned to school, taking computing, sciences and mathematics, and graduated in 1987. I also continued my meditations and my esoteric studies. After graduation, all my life issues came to the fore and to resolve them I went through an intense period of self-discovery and growth, including spiritually. It was during this time that my awareness literally exploded shifting me into entirely new levels. In the following years, I delved deeply into energy work and explored consciousness; this led me to teaching meditation, clearing strong negative energies and to “ghost-busting”. I became the President of the Alberta Psychic Society and continued my work, along with others, in helping people to develop their spiritual awareness. Around this same time, I did a number of channelling sessions. The Twin Powers workbook, which is the original source of the material presented here, was the result. Those that attended the seminars and workshops I gave benefited greatly, not because I gave them answers, rather because I helped them connect within to where they could find the answers. It is my hope that through this site, I can continue to do just that, and I dedicate myself to this.

My best to you on your journey,

Allan Beveridge


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