The Twin Powers

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Twin Powers LogoExercises

The exercises presented here are to aid you developing awareness of yourself. References to the majority of the exercises are in individual essays. However, the essays cover a great deal and so I have left some unreferenced. Each has a prerequiste and assuming you are following the suggested reading only the essay it was referenced from or the one most pertinent to the exercise is listed. They are designed to help you put into practise some of what was covered in the essay. This expands the depth of your awareness of the topic and assists you in either starting or further developing your awareness.

Do these exercises periodically, unlike homework for school. The awareness one develops by doing them is empowered by repetition. In addition, one gains deep and more profound insights about themselves through this process much like how one peels away the layers of an onion. If you are persistent, you will also notice patterns emerging and cycles appear where you never noticed them before.


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