The Twin Powers

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Twin Powers LogoGrowth Fundamentals

When we choose to work on ourselves, to grow as people, knowledge about ourselves is important. However, knowledge must be used to be of value. In this section, we will use our understanding of the nature of our awareness to look at core concepts related to it and explore ideas that will help you apply what you have learned to your life. These are ideas that, if we are aware of them, can be used to aid us along our path. There are also exercises to help you explore yourself to deeper and more profound levels.

This series of essays starts with what I believe are the two more important skills or elements required for growth: honesty and personal responsibility. With an understanding of how and why these two skills are so important we can tackle more direct challenges. These being our perception of our reality, ourselves and how we react to our experiences.

In the remaining essays, we will look at how our emotional responses and judgmental tendencies lead us into unwanted situations and locked into cycles that do not benefit us. You will come to a new understanding of your reactions to what you experience and why, as well as why and how we benefit when we work past our "whys" and teach and train ourselves to respond differently to circumstances.


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